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New Year's Resolution 2016, living a simple life

The Daily Journal/Austin Walsh, 1/2/16. "Making New Year's resolutions a reality: Experts offer guidance on how to establish goals and develop methods to achieve them for 2016."

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"To become happier, healthier or wealthier in the new year, mental health, fitness and financial experts recommend establishing simple goals and developing sustainable methods to achieve them. .... 'It’s not a bad thing to pick a life that works for you,' said Dr. Diana Wertz, a San Mateo-based psychiatrist who focuses on therapy. 

.... 'Lay aside comparisons, that causes a lot of unhappiness.' To help identify what really matters, Wertz suggested spending a few minutes analyzing the gamut of emotions experienced throughout the day. 'Is there something you can learn about sadness or anxiety? Sit with it,' she said.

....  Dr. Robert Williams, a clinical psychologist who practices in San Mateo, agreed there is critical value found in deep thought. Williams, who is also an associate professor in the counseling department at San Francisco State University, said meditation or prayer are among his keys to wellness. 'Finding five minutes in the morning to tune the instrument and be present with your own self is important,' he said. ... 'It is a lifelong aspiration,' he said.

Kalvin Sid, an independent financial advisor in San Mateo, agreed simplicity is integral toward wise asset management.  'Live with an attitude of gratitude for what you have and learn to be content instead of desiring more stuff,' he said."  Read article. 

Note photograph/graphs. Man from Xerox Blogs/Kate Dobbertin Bernola, 8/15/13,"5 easy ways to simplify your life" (business fast lane).  Woman relaxing from Care2/Experience Life, 11/2/12,"17 ways to simplify your life." "Happiness Just Ahead" from Transformation Queen blog, inspiring you to grow and lead a fulfilled life, includes an article by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, "12 steps to eliminate your clutter-inside and out."

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