Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Theatre building repaired thanks to our amazing Rotary Club

Pacifica Tribune/Staff, 1/7/16. "Theatre company plaque pays tribute to Rotary Club's contributions."

Volunteers through the Rotary Club of Pacifica help make PSP look brand new!
Major renovation, thanks to
the Rotary Club of Pacifica.
Pacifica Spindrift Players - Pacifica, CA, United States. Our New Sign
Spindrift Playhouse
"A ceremonial plaque was dedicated Nov. 22 in appreciation of the many contributions the Rotary Club of Pacifica has made to the Pacifica Spindrift Players theatre building.  The project started out quite innocently when Susan Vellone, owner of Visions Seaside Spa and past president of the Rotary Club of Pacifica, asked Ruth Amber, Box Office Manager of PSP, what the Rotary Club could do to spruce up the theatre. Amber said there was some electrical work that needed to be done, so Vellone called in an electrician who could complete the job. One thing led to another. Vellone thought the exterior of the building was in need of a paint job and thus began a project for Rotary Club of Pacifica. When asked what else might be needed, Amber mentioned a new roof would be fantastic.

Under Vellone’s leadership, the Rotary Club of Pacifica took on roofing the exterior of the theatre. Fruetel Roofing donated all the labor for the project and Brian McLaren of McLaren Roofing (and a past District Governor of Rotary District 5150) donated all the materials. When Fruetel began to replace the existing roof, they noticed structural damage to the support beams that hold the roof in place, so the roofing project needed to be halted and the theatre was “yellow tagged,” meaning the theatre portion of the building could not be used. During the time the theatre was closed, a contractor was called in to install new support beams. After the roofing was finished, Rotary returned while Steve Wright was president and painted the entire exterior – as originally conceived by Vellone. “Everyone who worked so hard on this project is truly a blessing. We now have a beautiful, well lit building and a very fresh, clean exterior with new paint and a beautiful redwood deck and stairway leading to the entrance of our ‘little gem in the woods,’” said Amber." 

Related.  Pacifica Spindrift Players/History. ".... The building, which now is the Pacifica Spindrift Players Theatre, was originally a Baptist Church located where Cabrillo School is today. It was purchased for fifty dollars by the City and on October 31, 1962 it was moved on rollers up Crespi Drive to its current site at Oddstad Park. ....  In 2013 and 2014, the Rotary Club of Pacifca took the PSP building under their wings as a special project. Thanks to them the outside of building now has a new coat of paint and new shingling on the roof!"  Reference.  Pacifica Spindrift Players, 1050 Crespi Drive.   Note photographs.  Front of the building (4 of 8) from Yelp/biz.  Renovation  from the related history link above.     

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Jim Wagner said...

Our service clubs give so much back to our community. We are blessed to have them. Thanks to our many service club members for all you work in Pacifica and beyond.

CWR said...

I remember when the theater had benches that people sat upon during Spindrift Performances. Back when tickets were $5.00 per adult. The seats for the theater were donated by a theater in San Francisco after the Loma Prieta Earthquake caused the theater to close from structural damage.Now the SSPA has taken over the whole upper area around the park, Oddstad Park isn't even a park anymore. I blame the City Council & Planning Commission for allowing that to happen.