Sunday, December 1, 2013

Will another Economic Development Plan Report be shelved?

The City of Pacifica requested an Economic Development Report from Wahlstrom & Associates, in association with Susan Barnes Consulting, which was delivered to the city, August 1, 2013.

Yes, we'll put that Economic Development Report right here
At their 8/13/13 meeting, our citizen Economic Development Committee discussed the Wahlstrom Economic Development Report,  see Minutes, Item 4,  pages 1-3.  The Committee sent the report to city council for approval.

City Council discussed the Report at their  9/28/13 meeting.  Item 10, "Adoption of City of Pacifica Economic Development Plan."  "Proposed Action:  Acceptance of the Plan with a direction to staff that it be considered during future land use decisions."  

 9/28/13 Minutes, Item 10, pages 22-33.  Page 33, "City Attorney Kenyon agreed that it was not 'the' plan. They were accepting the final report of the Pacifica Economic Development Plan as submitted by consultants, Walstrom & Associates. That really means that their consultants have prepared the report for them and they were accepting it, but it does not mean they are approving it or moving forward with it."  Acceptance of the document (not the contents) passed City Council, vote 5-0.  

The most interesting and meaningful conversation came from the citizen Economic Development Committee discussion, 8/13/13.  The city council discussion seemed more "political".  Following the discussion, City Council quietly accepted the Report, finding a good place for it on the shelf.  Did the City waste more money on another Consultant Report they are not taking seriously again?    Separate issue, no conspiracy, note: there have been no Economic Development meetings since 9/13/13. 

Note:  photograph from Wikipedia/Book. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

A council that appoints a new Economic Development Committee in Oct. but puts off its first meeting till Jan. shows that it has no real interest in developing Pacifica's economic potential.
The committee is just there as a diversion for Council."See we are doing something."
Busy work and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

We been had. This council is no more pro-development than the Vreeland crowd. This bunch knew the mood had changed and just went along with it to get elected. Bobble heads. Hippies in yuppy threads are still hippies. Let's just call them yippies.