Monday, December 30, 2013

King (extremely high) tides along the coast may provide future data

The Daily Journal/Samantha Weigel, 12/30/13.  The Daily Journal, "Public photos assist coastal policies:  King tides illustrate future sea level rise effects."

"King tides are caused by the lining up of the sun, moon and earth
while the moon and earth are relatively close." (Global Forecast Center)
....  "Starting today, the shoreline will experience some of the year’s highest tides, said Hilary Papendick, program analyst for the California Coastal Commission which created the California King Tides Initiative to involve the public in future studies of sea level rise. “King tides are extreme high tides that occur a couple times a year when the sun and moon are in alignment,” Papendick said.

....  The effects of king tides can be seen in the San Francisco Bay, at Surfer’s Beach in Half Moon Bay, at Rockaway Beach and the pier in Pacifica and along the entire California coastline. Parts of Highway 1 are also known to flood during king tides, Papendick said.   King tides typically arrive in June during the evenings and during the day in winter. The California coast will experience the winter king tides Dec. 30 to Jan 2 and Jan. 29 to Jan. 31, Papendick said.

....  Although king tides are not directly linked to sea level rise, the effects are indicative of what can be expected in 2050 when the sea level is projected to have raised by one foot, Papendick said."   Read article.

Reference The Weather Channel/Jon Erdman, 1/11/13, "King tides loom for California, US Coast." See "King Tides:  The year's largest." Note:  The Global Forecast Center graphic and caption are from this article. 

Related news reference-  Southern California Public Radio, 89.3 KPCC,/Sanden Totten, Science Reporter, 12/30/13. "King tides" are coming to California." "Starting around December 30th and lasting until roughly January 2nd, the ocean will experience a twice yearly phenomenon known as the "king tides."  This occurs when the sun and moon sync up in a way that creates maximum pull on the Earth's waters. Usually tides are highest when the moon is either full or new. The sun also affects tides and it exerts the most influence when it is either closest or furthest from the Earth. On January 1st, the new moon will occur during the period known as the perihelion, the point in the Earth's year long orbit when it swings closest to the sun. Both of these factors combined create the winter king tides. 

Ryan Kittell with the National Weather Service says tides are expected to peak January 1st at 7.1 feet above the average low tide. That's about a foot and a half more than the average high tide in Los Angeles Harbor. Kittell added that Wednesday's swell is expected to be the highest high tide for all of 2014."  

Related Bay Area news article -  ABC News/Sausalito, 12/30/13, includes a 2:24 minute video.  "King tides on San Francisco coast to last through Thursday." 

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