Sunday, December 1, 2013

State salaries in recovery

San Jose Mercury News/Los Angeles Times/Patrick McGreevy, 11/29/13.  "Legislators get raises on Monday; a dozen decline them."

"Good things come in small packages."
"SACRAMENTO -- California lawmakers are set to receive a 5.3 percent pay raise Monday, but a dozen say they won't accept it in the wake of a voter-approved tax hike last November and while many residents are still struggling to recover from the Great Recession.  None of legislators declining the pay bump represent the Bay Area, according to a list provided Friday by the state Controller's Office. The Bay Area News Group on Friday contacted representatives of 22 Assembly members and senators of the Bay Area delegation for comment, but few responded.

The raises were approved by the citizen panel that determines state officials' compensation. The base salary for most legislators will go from $90,526 to $95,291 -- still below the $116,208 that lawmakers received in 2007, before their pay was cut during California's budget crises.  Many rank-and-file state workers will receive pay hikes of 4.5 percent phased in through July 2015, but some lawmakers note that many in the private sector are hurting.The commission had cut elected state officials' salaries by 23 percent since 2008. But in June, citing the state's rosier financial situation, the panel announced raises for legislators and 11 others, including the governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, attorney general and controller."   Read article. 

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