Saturday, November 30, 2013

Annual police report 2012

Pacifica Police Department 2012 Annual Report, 18 pages.    Page 3, "Message from Chief Jim Tasa."

"This has been a challenging year for the Pacifica Police Department filled with emotional highs and lows. During the year, personnel have been faced with ,the on-going talks of the department being utsourced to another agency. This has left the employees with the feeling of instability and insecurity. As a result, the department has seen employees leave and go to other agencies.

While the outsourcing of the department has resulted in some emotional lows, we recorgnize that our personnel are our greatest asset. The continued dedication and loyalty of our employees allows us to provide a service to the community that is unmatched. Collectively, the employees of the department have over 400 years of historical knowledge, experience and service to the City.

During the past year, we have continued to be faced with challenging economic times. Our staffing levels have been reduced, yet we continue to provide the high level of service our citizens have come to expect. We have expanded our volunteer group within the department, which includes a number of highly talented individuals that allow us to perform some tasks and services we might not otherwise be able to offer.

The department did see an overall increase in crime during the year, however this was not isolated to the City of Pacifica as there was an increase nationally in both violent crimes and property crimes. While the department did see an overall increase in crimes, this year the city was recognized as being one of the top 100 safest cities in America.
Grant funding continues to be a priority for the department as it allows us to provide programs to the community that we might otherwise not be able to fund and allows us to purchase equipment we might otherwise not be able to purchase. Funding this year has allowed us to continue many alcohol and traffic enforcementprograms as well as the purchase of a command trailer.

I hope you find this annual report to be informative as you gain a glimpse of your police department. Thank you for your continued trust and support in our agency and for allowing me to serve as your Police Chief."

Submitted by Bob Hutchinson 

Note:  photograph from  City of Pacifica Police Divisions.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the chief and his department, that opening paragraph sure sounds like an appeal for the city to continue to keep outsourcing off the table during contract negotiations. And here I thought outsourcing WAS already and forever off the table because of this city's pension bond obligation. The city's communication project will clear all this up real quick, right?

Hutch said...

This is the 2012 annual report. Not sure if it was just released but I never saw it before. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

well, this 2012 report took 11 months to prepare? At first glance, the org chart. One captain supervises 25. The other capt, admin and investigation, supervises 9.5? Hope they do not get paid the same...Anyone in city hall think to have the chief take on a few more direct reports and cut a little overhead??

Anonymous said...

Chief Tasa is retiring in a month or so. Maybe that's why he made this into a political matter. Think his statements are very inappropriate. Maybe he doesn't care anymore and told us how he really feels.

todd bray said...

Rantanon at 3:54 PM, you have a reading comprehension problem. The above report is neither political or sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

MOO Bray. Meaning matter of opinion.

Anonymous said...

A report on 2012 just released now? Undated doc. It's on the city website. On the Index looks like Fogel got it 11/21/13. See, here, again, something our City Communication Project could clear up, right?

Anonymous said...

Does Chief Tasa have proof officers left because there was just "talk" of outsourcing? I don't think that belongs in an annual report. Nor does the remark about Pacifica being voted one of the safest cities. Voted by who? Oh yeah, a real estate website nobody ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

One left and went to Menlo Park because he felt he was passed over to be police chief.

Plus Menlp Park has money, Pacifica does not!

Anonymous said...

So anon 716, you're saying the reason that officer left was he felt he wasn't done right by management? That would be Tasa?

BTW Menlo Parks average wages ($45,860) are over 20% lower than Pacifica.

Steve Sinai said...

"BTW Menlo Parks average wages ($45,860) are over 20% lower than Pacifica."

In this case, it's the police salaries that matter. Not average city salaries.