Friday, December 20, 2013

Still waiting for your presents from Santa Claus/St Nicholas?

The History of Santa Claus (Photos Included)
The origins of Santa Claus/St Nicholas are from Turkey,
and yes he was brown-- not white, black or yellow.
"Synopsis.  St. Nicholas was born sometime circa 280 in Patara, Lycia, an area that is part of present-day Turkey. He lost both of his parents as a young man and reportedly used his inheritance to help the poor and sick. A devout Christian, he later served as bishop of Myra, a city that is now called Demre." Nicholas.

 "Canonized after his death, St. Nicholas was named as the patron saint of children, sailors and all of Greece, among others. He remained a popular figure of worship through the Middle Ages, with elaborate feasts held each year on the date of his death, Dec. 6, 343."  Live

"Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle or simply “Santa” is a legendary figure who, in many Western cultures, brings gifts to the homes of the good children on Christmas.   ....  It all started with a man who lived 1,700 years ago in what we now know as Turkey."   Note:  Fresco graphic of St. Nicholas from this site, reference to Wikipedia.

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