Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Goodbye Candlestick, 49ers win their game

San Francisco Chronicle/Editorial, 12/22/13.  "Candlestick:  Goodbye, with regrets."

Candlestick Park Memories
Goodbye Candlestick
"It's easy to get warm and sentimental about Candlestick Park. Even if you weren't there, you wish you were when Willie Mays roamed the outfield, the Beatles held their last concert in 1966 or Joe Montana pinpointed that pass to Dwight Clark in what forever will be known simply as The Catch. Everyone has their list of favorite Candlestick moments, and they grow richer with age, from the classic Giants-Dodgers showdowns to the 49ers' era of excellence.

If you were there, especially on a summer night for a Giants game, you know that the old stadium looked and felt a little less cozy in person. The concourses were narrow, the wind chill could seem Lambeau-like, and the access issues that were difficult in the best of times became epic when rains flooded the parking lots.

....  The spontaneous roars of the last 49ers game will soon be followed by the type of staged stadium demolition that is a spectacle to watch and cheer in most places. In the case of Candlestick, the coming implosion will be accompanied by more than a few tears and pangs of regret."  Read article.

Related - NBC Bay Area,12/23/13, "49ers urge carpooling, public transit for last game at Candlestick." From the article, "Candlestick Park Memories":  the above photograph is #15 of 32 slides.

Bleacher Report/Tyson Langland (NFC West lead writer), 12/24/13.  "49ers clinch playoff berth, close out Candlestick Park in filling fashion."   "Even though the San Francisco 49ers come from behind win against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football wasn’t pretty, head coach Jim Harbaugh and Co. closed out Candlestick Park in fitting fashion.The article includes an embedded, 6:40 minute Candlestick historical video. 

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Anonymous said...


Have you even been to candlestick?

Kathy Meeh said...

726 I have been to Candlestick many times, but that has nothing to do with the fact that our regional stadium, Candlestick is closing.

The comments section allows bloggers an opportunity to expand on articles; and to relate to article details, ideas, personal knowledge and known experience.

Anonymous said...

But like 75% of your post, it has nothing to do with Pacifica.

Kathy Meeh said...

Its not my job to post articles of interest to YOU that YOU should be posting (under YOUR own name of course).

As a very smart, knowledgeable friend said "you have to look outside the city to understand the issues (problems) of this city" (paraphrased). Something for YOU to think about.

Without balanced development and progress, this city exists outside the norm. Pacifica is like a vacation city without a proper city infrastructure. And that's mainly the 75% (your percentage) focus of my article reprints, whether in the city or outside the city.

Does the inadequate city infrastructure and "no growth" planning remain status quo for this city? If so, more (not less) attention should be given to the development of other cities. After all, there (other cities) is where most of us shop, access government and civic services, see our medical/health providers; drive in traffic to work, for personal business, and for civilized recreation.

As a city, we are like a sponge sucking-up the benefit, commerce and infrastructure of other Bay Area cities. Meantime, void of focus to fix our permanent broken-down city infrastructure, we (as citizens of this city) do without, pay higher fees and taxes, and wait for the next crisis.

You may prefer to talk about daily chatter, news from the neighborhood, but that's generally not what I do. So, rather than venting your ongoing narrow vision rant with jabs about what you perceive has to do with Pacifica, get off your dunce stool and contribute in a form that is positive, acceptable and productive. This is my way of passing you a clue, catch it.

Hutch said...

Kathy 736 is the same anonymous negative nellie that badmouths Pacifica every chance he gets. He criticizes everything here but never helps or contributes anything. Sad really.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...


You are stuck in Pacifica.

I am not.

I will have even a better Merry Christmas than you!

Kathy Meeh said...

824, then if you are not "stuck" in Pacifica, why are you here, why do you post comments? If you are "stuck" in a different city, why do you post comments here? Are you lost, or just "stuck". If you are "struck" find a way to get unstuck. Meantime, you're a drag on moving the conversation forward.

Or, are you against city improvement, is that it? This blog is all about city improvement. What's the point of you posting Grinch, often BS comments? If that makes you feel merrier, consider the problem may be you.

Merry Christmas to all others. But, Grinch, in your self-absorbed world, Christmas should already be merry enough (according to your own comment).

Anonymous said...


Cause I like annoying you!

Kathy Meeh said...

243 troll, thanks for clarification that you are not just challenged or confused. But rather you thrive on annoyance, and being an annoyance.

Since you are pointlessly wasting the time of other bloggers, a good detour for your comments (which may be as lame as being for and against an issue in the same comment) is spam hell.

Annoyance is a form of attack, now identified as intent from you. So in the spirit of "don't feed the troll", if I see such comments first, they will not reach the blog. If Steve overrides and such comments post, we will continue this conversation (not as nice).

Hutch said...

Kathy it's more likely 243 is a lonely bitter old mad that gains comfort from putting others down. Misery loves company you know. Like I said, kind of sad.