Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nick Gust, 1921 -12/5/13

Pacifica Tribune  Letters to the Editor 12/17/13"Remembering Nick Gust" by Jim and Sue Lange

....  "Nick was a man that gave a lot and did not want to be recognized for it. He served the city as a formal council member, mayor and served in various capacities to community organizations and committees. He had dreams of making Pacifica a vibrant community that could be financially stable and worked hard to follow his vision. Much of his legacy is ingrained in our community and will continue to benefit us going forward.

.... Our condolence goes out to the Gust family and the staff at Nick's. May all your loving memories help you through this time."

Related Pacifica Chamber of Commerce full reprint of Pacifica Tribune Nick Gust legacy article by Chris Hunter, 12/10/13. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Just read the in memorium article about Nick in the Coastal Connections January 2014 issue. It's an interesting article about a longtime Pacifica powerhouse and a life well-lived written by a longtime Pacifica insider, Chris Hunter. Beyond the well-deserved memorial, it's remarkable to read a quote attributed to Nick in 1957 as Pacifica became a city..."I doubt that we deserved to be a city. There was absolutely no commercial tax base at all. We were strictly a bedroom community. We were fortunate just to pay our bills." Fast forward to the New Year's wish for 2014 of Julie Lancelle in the same issue. With genuine respect for Nick Gust and Ms. Lancelle, it's depressing to see how very little things have changed in Pacifica since 1957.

Kathy Meeh said...

707, got a link to your two Coastal Connections 1/2014 reference articles? Is the Chris Hunter article the same as the "related" Chamber of Commerce link on this article? Or the same Pacifica Tribune reprint on this blog?

Nick had big dreams for the improvement of this city. Ms. Lancelle was part of the eco-NIMBY coalition and cabal that made sure that did not happen. From the full Chris Hunter article posted on the Chamber of Commerce website:

"Whenever anyone asked Nick Gust what it was like to be the most powerful person in Pacifica, he would laugh and say that he certainly couldn't have been very powerful since he was defeated in so many of the things he wanted to achieve. Then he would tick off a list of things that included his vision for a card club in Pacifica, merging the North Coast County Water District with the City, bringing Highway 380 over the hill to the coast, turning Rockaway Beach into a world-class resort area, creating a commercial revitalization of Beach Boulevard and in general boosting the economic profile of a city in which he spent his life and energy trying to make a more self-sufficient entity."

Anonymous said...

Yup, two people with very different dreams for Pacifica. Both with the best of intentions and both with the character to recognize that. But Nick Gust was pragmatic and knew good intentions don't pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

Very good point, 8:50. Many people on this blog want to demonize everyone that disagrees with them, which is childish on a Fox News or tea party level.

I disagree with Julie on almost every policy issue (except for saving Sharp Park -- thanks Julie for being so vocal there!), but that doesn't mean she's not doing what she thinks is best for the city.

Kathy Meeh said...

431, the issue is simple: a 60% open space city is generally NOT considered a workable component for sustainabile city development. The general formula is 1/3 economic, 1/3 social/civic, 1/3 environment. So, we (Pacificans) continue to struggle with our 60% open space environment, which is way off from the sustainable formula.

The issue is not about other people, people on this blog, the tea party, an individual doing what they think is best for this city, or the fact that Julie Lancelle supported Sharp Park Golf Course (glad she did). There are facts, numbers that add up-- and there are fictions, numbers that do not add up.

Once again Troll 431, you "demonize" others, and who knows what you agree or disagree with. And really with all that bad mouthing, who cares.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:31, is not a troll Kathy. But you very much acted like one. I don't know if you and I read the same piece. 4:31 was very kind and considerate, if that is troll like behavior, then count me in as a troll.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to 2:34 for saying what I was thinking.

Kathy Meeh said...

Ah, you must be reading to yourself in an alternative "very considerate" insult universe, self-proclaimed Troll 2:34, 4:31?

Nick Gust understood the issue of city sustainability. He was a good, important man in this city, and we're sad to see his passing.

Over the years, many of us have viewed multiple opportunities in this city dashed, scuttled, and dismissed. Your comment supports the deflective City eco-NIMBY tradition of brainwashing people, (the consequences of which are apparent, a substandard city infrastructure).

551, I suspect you are the same "thinker" as 234,431. Same issue as above.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you just disagree with someone without calling them names?

Kathy Meeh said...

Then, self-absorbed, victim 8:12, 551, 234, 431 disregard the word "thinker", from the 6:02 comment.

The subject here is Nick Gust remembered, try focus.

Anonymous said...

Nick Gust had respect for people even when they disagreed with him. Fought like hell for his vision and understood others would do the same.
Too bad for us that his vision didn't prevail, but these were choices this community made over several decades. Choices we are still arguing over. We got the park-like community "we" wanted and, now, just like Nick Gust wondered in 1957, how do we support ourselves?