Monday, December 16, 2013

Better State accountability needed, Jarvis Taxpayers Report, 2013

Follow the wisdom of spending the money
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation Report, "is our government spending our tax dollars responsibly?   Follow the Money 2013, pdf 17 pages.  From page 15 below. 

"Conclusions.  Citizens of different political persuasions do not always agree on matters of policy.  However, everybody should be able to agree that taxpayer dollars should be spent in a way that is honest, ethical and effective. 

Investigations into governmental mismanagement turn up data that is dismissed by some as isolated examples.  However, taken together, it is clear that waste, fraud and abuse cost California billions of dollars a year.  Perhaps that money could be invested in improving our transportation infrastructure, providing better education to our children, making our communities safer or simply returned to taxpayers as a means of lowering the state's heavy tax burden.

The state government in Sacramento can always be counted on to say that it does not have enough money and needs higher revenue through higher taxes.  However, maybe they could accomplish more of the things they would like to do if they simply learned to use their existing resources wisely."

Submitted by Bob Hutchinson

Note:  graphic from  Jump the Curve/Jack Uldrich. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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