Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pacifica Tribune will consider Measure V, UUT Tax opinion

...  if you have a name.  Thanks for clarifying that Elaine!!!

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Pacifica Tribune, Elaine Larsen, Editor and Publisher, 9/17/13. "Voter guide."

"Now that fall is upon us, November voting season is just around the corner. Keeping in mind that many people vote absentee, the Pacifica Tribune will be focusing on coverage of the expanded Utility Users Tax or Measure V well in advance of the Nov. 5 polling date. We invite guest columns and l
letters to the editor from people and groups who wish to make their support or opposition known. The Tribune editor reserves the right to accept, reject, edit or return submissions for clarification. The Sept. 25 Tribune will feature both the voter guide, as well as Fog Fest event schedules and information. We will also do our best to provide an impartial analysis of Measure V.

We also reserve the right to change the publication date, depending on submissions. And for you bloggers, forget submitting anything from "anonymous." Just another responsible community service we provide."

Note: graphic from  effsalt blog.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Hutch said...

This is great the Tribune is offering this. Most Pacificans don't even know there's a proposed phone tax on the Nov 5th ballot. And that's what the city wants. They are quietly conducting a phone call campaign to seniors trying to frighten them into voting yes. But seniors are fed up with all these taxes too.

We on the no side are trying to let everyone know about this damaging tax, including seniors.

Just make sure you spend 5 minutes to vote no on V. It will save you $100's and help protect underprivileged persons from taking a big hit.

You can download a vote by mail form for the Nov 5th election only here;

And help us if you can, join our Facebook group, donate, volunteer

Anonymous said...

As they say in Chicago.

Vote early and often!

Anonymous said...

Why would they give seniors a blanket exemption, yet tax the ones that can't afford it?
How come they didn't write something based on income?
You know, 62 is the new......priviledged class. Whether they want, or deserve, to be.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Tribune. Hate to say it, but I think the UUT will easily pass. The campaign for it is just too well planned and well funded. And the bar for success, a simple majority in an election targeted for its low turnout, is set too low. What will that mean for Pacifica beyond screwed again?

The level of sophistication in this campaign is fascinating and familiar. I'd like to hear more about the striking overlap between this UUT campaign and that of the successful PSD measure in August 2011--yes, another off-year sleeper election. They share common faces, strategies and consultants. Are we developing a campaign cadre in Pacifica? We sure haven't developed anything else. Is this the municipal strategy for dealing with a chronic shortage of revenue? Low-turn-out elections? That's the plan?

Of course, it can't hurt that several of those common faces are now on Council. Nihart, Ervin and O'Neill. It sure made campaign funding for the UUT a snap! I think there's a story there. Of local and immediate interest, definitely. Beyond that, what are the implications and the consequences of putting this political philosophy in office--and I think it is a philosophy. There will be consequences, intended and unintended.

Meanwhile, those of us targeted as likely off-year voters--typically 7000 to 8000 of the 20,000 registered, are feeling the love. All they need is half plus one of us to put in place what passes for economic development in this town.

Anonymous said...

I support the UUT Tax and will vote for it.

Anonymous said...

Thats dandy 1039...Cotton Candy Wonderful too. And there are a bunch of people voting against it who don't want more taxes....too
Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

1039 Why are you going to vote for it?

Hutch said...

Anon 527 "sophistication in this campaign" Are you kidding me? So far the yes side spent $10,000 on a un effective mailer recycled from the Hercules UUT tax campaign that nobody saw. And they spent $20,000 on a skewed survey.

The no on V campaign is dominating online media and in the Tribune. 95% of comments from people are against this tax.

We have the Chamber of Commerce on our side as well as everyone from all sides of every major issue. We have never seen pro development and anti development working together like this before.

We will defeat this even with a fraction of the money because very few people want to pay more tax to a city that wastes so much of our money now.

Get ready to see a lot more from the no side in the next few weeks.

Come join us

Anonymous said...

Hutch, with full respect for what you're trying to do, the Yes group doesn't have to re-invent the wheel to get this passed. They've done their homework, run other campaigns, and they know their stuff. They have support within community groups like the schools, library, PRC fans, etc. Between those groups and others within the targeted demographic, getting 3500 votes M/L is not that hard. This has been very well-planned. Probably for a couple years. Whether we're talking election or Facebook, it's about turn-out. Voted NO by mail.

Hutch said...

Have some faith 613. This tax passed in Hercules because there was absolutely no opposition. There wasn't even an argument against on the ballot let alone an organized effort to fight it.

The reason some are in favor of this here is they've been threatened like the Resource Center, or promised money.

Just watch (or help) I think you'll see some "big" thing from our side in the next few weeks.