Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We commute, widen the highway and stop wasting our time and money

Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 9/18/13.   "Widening vs. PFC"  by Jeffrey Cooper

John and others dream of the good life
A traffic jam (illustrative).
Our reality, another bad afternoon on Highway 1
"Editor: The PFC Lawsuit may cost you more than you think. Pacifica's population is approximately 37,000 people. Assuming that 15 percent of this population is involved in the working trades and lives in the South side of Pacifica. PFC's lawsuit against the Caltrans widening project would take away about $29 million of wages from Pacifica citizens each year.

How is this possible? Assuming you're an electrician making prevailing wage and you had to wait in traffic 23 minutes (as I did on Wednesday 9/11) for each day worked during the year, approximately 254 days, the additional time you spent in traffic for which you could have been working would have cost you $5,165 for the year. Assuming 5,365 people live in the southern part of Pacifica, that represents $29,099,610 in lost wages for the year. I didn't even calculate the return trip, fuel, and frustration.

The bottom line is that traffic on the coast will only continue to grow year after year whether you are for the project or not. You cannot simply put more traffic through the same amount of space. With this fact, the EIR evaluates the ways in which more traffic can be accommodated which will have to include a widening.

What other solution does PFC see that I don't? Again, the highway needs to be widened to address the fact that it is too narrow to accommodate the current traffic demands and year after year growth. Additionally, the report addressed the air quality of idling traffic versus moving traffic. I would like to see moving vehicles, better air quality, and a safer highway. Let's put Pacifica on a course to recognize and solve problems rather than postponing them to the future."

Note:  The above Letter to the Editor appeared in the Pacifica Tribune as one paragraph. Photographs:  Bicycle riding from Metaefficient; Traffic congestion from

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I like this guy's math. Where do I apply for my refund? Then, I'd like to become an electrician, please.

Hutch said...

Good letter Jeff. We need to move forward on this. No more delays.

The anti widening people have no real arguments. All their facts are made up. All of their alternative solutions are junk science. Their only tool is to file frivolous lawsuits. The city should ask for legal fees when they lose.

Anonymous said...

The other solution is far more practical. Put a moratorium on all further growth on the coast. No growth, no growth in traffic. Problem solved by the stroke of a pen rather than the engines of Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

Is the letter writer the Jeff Cooper on the Pacifica Planning Commission?

Violet Beauregarde said...

I do not have the time to wait in traffic. 20 minutes in traffic. My goodness what an inconvenience!

Hutch said...

It is Violet when its an ambulance or fire truck that's trying to get through. Fire and PD have gone on the record saying the traffic delays response which can mean life or death. So yeah even 5 minutes can be serious.

Anonymous said...

Oh put a sock in it, Vi.