Saturday, September 7, 2013

PG&E's new Northern and Central California natural gas monitoring center

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has opened a new, $38 million natural gas monitoring center in the wake of a deadly 2010 gas line explosion in a San Francisco Bay Area suburb.

PG&E regional smart board system
natural gas control center, San Ramon, CA
The new center allows the utility to better monitor its gas transmission system and coordinate and respond in case of an emergency, PG&E spokeswoman Brittany Chord said on Friday.


In addition to 6,700 miles of gas transmission pipeline, the new center also monitors the utility's 42,000 miles of gas distribution pipeline. Distribution lines are the narrow-diameter pipes that serve individual homes and businesses."  Miami Herald/Business Breaking News/Associated Press, 9/6/13.  "PG&E unveils $38 M natural gas monitoring center."     Read article. 

....  The facility, tucked away in the Bishop Ranch office park, uses computers, banks of monitors and high-speed digital connections to give PG&E engineers, crews and other workers real-time information about what is happening with the utility's natural gas system.  .....  "Everything that provides real-time information about the health and status of the system has all been moved into one place," said Melvin Christopher, senior director for PG&E gas system operations.  .... "Combined with other upgrades of the system, this center absolutely reduces the chances of a San Bruno situation occurring again," Christopher said.

....  San Francisco-based PG&E also is making San Ramon the headquarters of its natural gas operations, which stretch throughout Northern and Central California, from the Oregon border to the Central Valley's Bakersfield area.    Contra Costa Times/Business/George Avalos, 9/5/13.  "PG&E opens a new gas pipeline control center."    Read article.   Note:  photograph and others by Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group from this article.

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Anonymous said...

Focus. Pacifica articles.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Kathy Meeh said...

Oh yeah, I forgot the explosion was in San Bruno. Such natural gas monitoring wouldn't potentially affect Pacifica, or any other part of northern California-- according to your "focus".

Anonymous said...

But it wasn't Paciifca.