Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our coastal tsunami sirens are now repaired and working

San Mateo County Times/Joshua Melvin, 9/13/13.  "San Mateo County tsunami sirens working again after repairs."

"HALF MOON BAY -- San Mateo County's tsunami sirens are working again, a month after a routine test revealed most of the warning system wasn't functioning, officials said Friday.

A contractor has finished upgrades to the system, which had been out of service in August as the work was underway. The repairs were expedited after officials on Aug. 7 discovered only three of eight sirens were working properly in the system, which stretches about 30 miles from Pacifica to Pescadero."  Read article. 

Related Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 8/15/13. .... "The other six sirens on the coast could still produce noise, Norris said; however, the electronics in two sirens in Pacifica and one in Princeton were registering errors. County officials declined to turn on the sirens during a 2012 tsunami that prompted hundreds to evacuate, but ultimately caused almost no damage. Instead of the sirens, emergency officials relied on automated phone systems to send out mass warnings to residents. 

The county plans to upgrade several components on all the sirens. The devices will get new batteries, controller boards and communications links so the siren can work on the county public radio system. As part of the upgrades, Sheriff and fire dispatch centers will be able to trigger the sirens, whereas before only county OES could do so. County emergency officials say they will need to test the new electronics in the coming weeks, so the public should not be alarmed if they hear the sirens briefly." 

Other related - Half Moon Bay Review, 9/13/13.   Fix Pacifica article reprint, 8/13/13,  from ABC 7, 8/12/13 and San Mateo Times, 8/10/13.

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