Monday, September 16, 2013

Rural dropping out, call the new state Jefferson and everything will be okay

We don't get along with each other,
and we don't see eye to eye with you
San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press, 9/15/13.  "Secession fever rises on rural California-Oregon border."

"YREKA, Calif. (AP) — Since the 1850s Gold Rush, some folks in the rugged hills and valleys of Northern California and Southern Oregon have felt they would be better off if they could break away and form their own state.  That old secessionist feeling is rising again in counties along the Oregon-California border, triggered by a belief that those in the urban halls of power in both states ignored the needs and desires of those in the rural areas. 

This urban Pacifica squirrel's got that tune too   
With its huge, diverse population and sprawling geography, California is a natural breeding ground for secessionist desires, which have popped up periodically since 1852.  ....  A four-hour drive north of Sacramento, Siskiyou County claims just 44,000 of California's 38 million residents.

"This has nothing to do with political parties," Baird said. "It has to do with the unbelievable morass of regulatory policies directed at the northern third of California. Our lives have become so difficult and onerous. We are failing to make a living every day, and our children are leaving because they are unable to make a living."  Read article.

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