Sunday, September 29, 2013

San Carlos smart parking pilot program from October 1 through December 31, 2013

Smart parking helps you find parking, and also helps the officer ticket you for overstay.

The Daily Journal/Staff, 9/28/13.  "Smart parking pilot begins in San Carlos."

I'm looking at you
"Motorists in San Carlos thinking of overstaying their welcome in parking spaces can no longer look for tell-tale chalk marks to know if enforcement officers are ticking down their time. 

Beginning Oct. 1, the city launches its “smart parking” pilot program which eliminates the need for officers to mark tires and instead lets them use a network of sensors embedded in the pavement. Once a vehicle is detected in the space, the system starts a time and alerts officers when the space remains occupied past the allowed limit. The officer will then go to the space, validate the violation and issue a citation.

.... The trial program begins Monday, Oct. 1 and is expected to run through December. Once finished, the city and Streetline will evaluate the effectiveness and come before the City Council in early 2014 to decide whether to continue in the future."   Read more. Transportation/Mark Boyer, 12/6/12. "New Parker Mobile App gives users real-time parking info." ... "About 135 sensors were planted in the pavement in downtown San Mateo, and 100 were embedded in San Carlos, sending a signal to Streetline’s free Parker mobile app when parking becomes available. The program can be used for street parking, parking lots and indoor garages. Using Cisco’s smart reuters and Wi-Fi mesh networks, the sensor data is aggregated and transmitted to the Streetline data center, which publishes the information on the Parker app. According to a press release, the data will soon be made available for general web browsers as well. Streetline has already deployed the app in at least 25 cities, but this is the company’s first partnership with Cisco.  ..."

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