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Vision for Princeton-by-the-Sea workshop, September 12, 2013

Half Moon Bay Review/Opinion/Don Horsley, 8/28/13, "What's your vision for the future of Princeton?

Princeton harbor infrastructure, pretty cool.
"A collaborative effort to map out a unified, successful future for this area, Plan Princeton represents the county’s intent to create a program that will help the community achieve its vision for everything from positive development and coastal access enhancement to a more dependable infrastructure.

....  I believe that together we will be able to help Princeton evolve into a more vibrant and dynamic mixed-use neighborhood.  We are striving to bring the various strands of business, residential and public uses of the area into a more cohesive and healthy community. The reality of a small county airport bumping up against the edge of Princeton also adds an important factor to the study. Although operated by the county, the Half Moon Bay Airport has a federal government mandate. Our long-range plans must also incorporate the airport’s own long-range plans in a seamless partnership.

We will be holding a “vision workshop” public meeting on this entire concept from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12, in the Grand Ballroom of the Oceano Hotel and Spa at 280 Capistrano Road in Princeton. It’s an important first step on a journey we will be taking together."

Note:  Don Horsley is the President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.  The following article also appeared as a "My Turn" in the Pacifica Tribune newspaper, 9/3/13.  Photograph from At ground level/Rose Meily.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Princeton Harbor is a money maker. Pacifica should have the same type of set up. Stores, shops, take advantage of the fishing town, and beach, surf town it is.

(Hutch, I give you credit for mentioning that before)

My line is, and always will be. Pacifica, the only beach town on the West Coast that does not take advantage of being a beach town.

The Local Libertarian said...

Two places where Pacifica could host a marina are Playa del Linda (Linda Mar Beach) and Roca Lejos (Rockaway Beach).

However, these two places have far too much natural beauty and rich marine ecology for a marina.

Its probably better to leverage the marina in Princeton.

That Taco Bell and the cluster funk of commercial establishments along that coastline are both bad business and ecological abominations.

Clean up Playa del Linda and Roja Lejos. Develop on the east side of Linda Mar and Rockaway.

This would create:

1) More beach area for visitors
2) More customers for business on the east side of the freeway
3) A more beautiful Pacifica

If you remove the traffic lights on hwy 1 between Valle Mar and Linda Mar, it will unclog the traffic and make access to Princeton easier.

Pacifica del Azul has:

1) the history (founding town of Alta California)
2) natural location and beauty
3) great coastside weather
4) accessibility to 3 international airports within an hour, close to 5) one of the most economically diverse regions on the planet (Biotech, Greentech, Infotech, Hightech)
6) rich cultural diversity
7) a deep tradition of frontiers men, explorers and innovators (Sir Francis Drake, Gaspar Portola, Gold seekers, Google, Cisco, Hewlett Packard etc)
8) surrounded by 5 World class educational organisations (Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSF, Univ of Santa Clara, Univ of San Francisco, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley) and many more highly rated colleges and universities.

Pacifica del Azul is a diamond in the rough. Its simply waiting to be expressed.

Palmetto area should be cleaned and allowed to build high rises with proper setbacks from the cliffs.

The biggest employers in Pacifica are:

1) the school district
2) the city government

This is a joke. Its time to attract big businesses to set up shop in Palmetto area. There isn't another strip of land on the entire west coast that rivals the beauty and location of Palmetto for businesses.

The Local Libertarian said...

All future residential development in Linda Mar, Punta Pedro, Roca Lejos should be incentivized for Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture. This would help beautify the area.

Anonymous said...

Big business as? Why would bio-tech leave the bio-tech capital South San Francisco? Why would a tech company leave Silicon Valley? Why would a Financial based company leave SF?

Gypsy Hill was supposed to be an R&D office park at one time. No one wanted to move up there.

The Local Libertarian said...

@ 1:00 PM

All of the tech companies are basically "human capital driven".

Their preference is to be close to anywhere this human resources are available.

For instance, Pacifica is well suited for Software development. You could have a convention center in Palmetto to rival Moscone in SF.

Or software development companies. Attract someone large company to setup shop there. A good software company can easily hire more than a 1000 people.

For instance, the Palmetto/Edgemar/Manor area is close to 280/380/35. Its a perfect area for hosting software development business. People can come here (drive/public transport or even fly to SF) from all over the valley/world, work, surf, spend their money and go home.

If a city can provide tax incentives to such companies, they will have a reason to move there.

See this for instance:

Govt can "spend" by lowering the cost of business. As opposed to taxing people and spending it on failed businesses.

Steve Sinai said...

Pacifica needs retail that generates sales tax, not an office park.

Anonymous said...

Sinai, We don't have the customers for serious revenue-producing retail unless you're talking destination retail. Three little words, Premium Outlet Center. On the other hand, retail and housing have been known to follow or even accompany office and business centers.

Anonymous said...

Local Libertatian @ 10:55 a.m.

Actually, past proposals were to build a marina at either Linda Mar (south corner) or at Rockaway (also south corner). I believe that a feasabilty study determined that Rockaway was inadvisable due to strong winter swells. Choose Linda Mar and you probably destroy the surfline along the entire beach. That's what happened both at Princeton and at Santa Cruz harbors. Both places lost classic surf spots. Of course, if you don't surf, you probably could care less.

Anonymous said...

The reasons for not building a marina at either Linda Mar or Rockaway are that it would be very difficult to build a breakwater in the open ocean, it would be extremely cost-prohibitive to build and maintain, it would have enormous environmentally damaging impacts, and it would never be allowed by the state and federal regulatory agencies.

Anonymous said...

Most out of town sufers don't add much to the local economy anyway.

Anonymous said...

457 What would you like them to add to the economy? I've seen them shopping at Safeway, Columbos, Starbucks, Ross, Rite Aid, Walgreen's, the surf shops, Mazzetti's?. Getting a watch battery changed, buying a new watch/band at Jewels Forever. Eating at High Tide, Surf Spot, Puerto, Round Table, even Denny's. Gassing up the cars. They're around and they spend. Not enough? They don't live here and, really, there's not much to choose from. Who did you have in mind that would pay us more for using a beach we don't even own?

The Local Libertarian said...


I don't surf as much as I used to. I also sail. But again not as much as I would like to.

I personally would not want to develop marina anywhere in Pacifica. Since there is a marina in Princeton, the better thing to do would be to leverage that.

Roca Lejos is a beautiful. Let it be.

Playa del Linda has some tide pools and a nice setting. I wouldn't feel any loss if that Taco Bell disappeared.

I would also be up for converting "Surf Bowl" into a Spanish revival architecture styled resort/retreat/hotel.

I would also not mind a spanish revival arch styled downtown/plaza area and ocean view residential high rises in Linda Mar.

Those businesses "Norcal", High tide cafe etc in that strip mall can be relocated to the east side of the freeway and that whole area could be cleaned up and returned to the nature.

It is in an inundation zone. And I believe there is a creek that flows into the ocean too.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 4:43 p.m.

Perhaps you don't realize that Princeton Harbor was formerly on the open ocean before the breakwater was built. It;s been a lot of years, but waves used to break (rideable rights and lefts) at the pier whichnow inside the breakwater at the north end of the beach (A. Fiscia Seafood). Were still decent rights off the jetty through the 60's and into the 70's. Then the breakwater was extended even further ( a finger I think) and that pretty much killed the surf. Yea, guys still surf there, but rarely gets that good.

Anonymous said...

5:12 have you been taking bong hits with the libertarian today?

Libertarian, you are good with other people's Money. Your economic plan is even worse than, our ecology is our economy.

The Local Libertarian said...


I am not taking anyone's money.

I own property in Pacifica. And it is my hope and desire that my investments develop. And if it is so that other people benefit without incurring me any loss, so be it.

I certainly don't want to cause a loss to anyone. That is just not good business.

You are simply making allegations without providing a cause as to how my plans are unsound. And how ecology is economy.

If you haven't been following, I support environmental protection of Pacifica. And at the same time develop the already developed area to for more economic opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Local Lib you sound like a frustrated architect with a thing for old California circa
circa 1840-1860. And a bong.

Kathy Meeh said...

Got to say, I agree with 125, and 929, and I'm not sure how such imaginary, egocentric "libertarian" ideas are anything but fictional discourse of a subjective authoritarian nature.

Renaming the city and sections of the city, turning back the architectural clock, limiting what can be built and where, tearing down existing structures, displacing existing business-- really? Really??? "Libertarian", what about existing property right of others?

Of course for some of this you could start a civic petition leading to a possible ballot measure. See how far that takes you.

The Local Libertarian said...


Those are my ideas. My vision. They may or may not be agreeable to everyone. They may or may not be economically viable.

Whether they are feasible or not, I think is better determined in a discussion rather than dismiss them because they are too egocentric.

In the end the strength of all opinions is ultimately priced in the market. Sure, everyone has an opinion. Some are more profitable than others.

Almost all towns and neighborhoods in California that have protected their Spanish heritage and/or fostered Spanish Colonial Revival/Mission Architecture have been extremely prosperous. There is a reason for this. The reasons are too long to go into details here.

Pacifica as it is today is an extremely ugly town (other than the natural beauty). I think this is because cheap construction looks it. If you want to encourage making Pacifica a more of a trailer trash city by the ocean, you may not have to try very hard since its already there.

There is an external pricing pressure growing on Pacifica. Unless the residents are smart enough to capitalize on that, they will be pushed out as it has happened in many neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

It doesn't bother me that I am ridiculed. If I am wrong, I am. Obviously the status quo isn't working. So do you have any other ideas other than hoping for some out of town developer to come make another mess of the quarry? I do.

And I'd appreciate your ideas too.

The Local Libertarian said...


Also, I am not forcing my opinion on others. I proposed an idea. And I am well willing to seek a democratic consensus on them.

I am 'ok' with being proven wrong.

So there is no disrespect in "property rights" or others capacity to think and choose for themselves.

Kathy Meeh said...

Seriously self-proclaimed Libertart, I doubt you would be interested in my "ideas". But here's one while we're dealing in fictional dreaming: GGNRA give us back our land to develop or farm.

And I'm not saying some of your "ideas" are not interesting in a different time period, on a clean slate of land. But that's not reality either.

The Local Libertarian said...


Any abrupt change is infeasible. However it is not hard to come up with a 'process' that allows for gradual change. San Francisco was once a town filled with rag tag miners.

Things can change. However it is up to the participating agents to choose to change and at what pace.

If GGNRA does give back land for farming, may be Pacifica could cultivate its own variety of Coastal Avocados or Apples or Figs.

Farming isn't a bad idea. A well run farm grows money on trees.

It seems to me that you probably own some property or have livelihood or some interest in the commercial district of Rockaway beach. And it seems to bother you that I've taken a stance on returning it to nature. Going by your prior posts, I've noticed a tendency to support development in the adjoining Quarry. If that is indeed the case, apologies for trampling on the sentiment.

My observation is Rockaway Beach commercial district is in a Tsunami inundation zone and therefore ecologically unsound and business wise a risky proposition.

Anonymous said...

The Lib is just another Nimby. Move all the businesses. Where do you propose Pacifica finds the money do to this?

Almost as good as dandy dan over on riptide who says turn Linda Mar back into Articoke fields.

Lib, ever hear of random unannounced drug testing?

The Local Libertarian said...

California Tsunami Would Have Costly Aftermath

Anonymous said...

Pacifica may just look better after the big wave hits

The Local Libertarian said...


Unannounced drug testing .. No, I haven't. I don't do drugs and/or put undesirable stuff in my body.

Do you?

It may be that my ideas are going over your head. It would help if you actually travel at least the breadth and width of California and make an effort to understand why some part of California are both an ecological and economic success and why some are not and why Pacifica remains the dumpy town. I have.

I would suggest anyone who hopes to have a future in California do likewise.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Agenda 21? Can the programmer bring that back?

Anonymous said...

Pacifica a dumpy town? Ya betcha! But you need to understand that most of the development was post WW2 and those early buyers came here because it was cheap. I've been around here a lot of years and have met a lot of people who would brag about the big vacation they just took, or all the money they lost in Reno. Yet, these same people complained about a lousy $75 Lighting and Landscape tax to the point that the then City Council was recalled. What can you say about people who will freely spend money anywhere but in their own town. Now times are changing and other people are or have moved in who are willing to spend a bit of money to improve the area. However, there are still enough residents who still won't or are unable to open up there wallets and prefer status quo. Until the pendulum swings in the forward direction, we can expect that any improvement will be slow.

Frankly, the best thing that could happen to Pacifica would be some drastic natural catastrophe that would require the entire town to be rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

I think Local Lib is Prozac for this blog. We have some thorny issues in this town and they get tossed around pretty good on here.
Shazamm! Along comes this arty farty hey kids, let's go grind corn on the hacienda, nut. Pure distraction and deflection. Just my opinion. And I wouldn't rule out Local Lib taking his own daily dose!

Anonymous said...

Lib run for city council

Anonymous said...

223 I'm thinking Lib has dabbled in politics, out front and behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Distraction, deflection, and some plain old looking the other way? Here? Shocking!

Anonymous said...

151 So, our choices are gentrification by the yippies (yuppie/hippie hybrid currently found on council) or "a drastic natural catastrophe" that wipes us off the map? Of course, it would have to be all natural, wouldn't it? Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

I think that Local Libertarian writes with tongue firmly planted in cheek. However, he is effective as he's got people talking and hopefully thinking about what steps can/should be taken to improve Pacifica. A UTT or other taxes is not going to get us back on our feet, only prolong the aches and pains for a short while. Viable economy? Years ago, tech companies weren't interested in Gypsy Hill. Why not? Perhaps that idea should be revisited providing it would bring much needed revenue into the City coffers. Might not be the best idea or even a good idea, but Gypsy Hill is ideally situated with ingress/egress from Sharp Park Road. Within City boundaries, but won't add much to traffic on already congested Highway 1.

Anonymous said...

306 Nah, the posts are too elaborate. More silly than provocative. Tongue-in-cheek or not, Local Lib shows up to distract. In any case, Pacifica has never suffered from a shortage of people talking or thinking about what needs to be done. He should give it a rest. Try short-story writing. Period pieces?

Anonymous said...

Local Libertarian, You are so right, we need less abominations here in Pacifica. And we need to unclog highway one for easier access to Princeton. All Pacificans head to Princeton every day so this is very needed. You can help us! Please Please Please come to the Council meeting on Monday to share your ideas! Dont be selfish! If not the City Council, the city has an Economic Development Commission that meets on Tuesday at the Police Station and they might be interested in your visionary ideas too. I think our Council and the greater community outside of Fix Pacifica would benefit in hearing your supremely enlightened views! Why only limit your views to this venue? In my view, You have the capacity to lay the Cornerstone of a foundation of an environmetal retro-spanish revival architecture UTOPIA here in Pacifica....Lead us into a new golden age! Most of us readers here on Fix Pacifica, the silent majority, support you and want to help! Don't listen to the naysayers and those who would mock you. Forget Them, They Have No Class!

Kathy Meeh said...

1144 Libertart, of course you know the quarry is not really considered a Tsunami Hazard zone, whereas the red areas illustrated in the linked chart are. So let's build there, specifically the quarry. And without the worry of tsunamis, let's make some money for the benefit of the city, and provide services and jobs for Pacificans.

Also worth viewing, the historical record for Tsunamis in Pacifica is not so bad. See USGS, historic Tsunami's in CA, 1812-2000. In 200 years, it seems Pacifica has suffered two Tsunamis: Pacifica 1960, 1.2 meters, cause Chile, 9.5 earthquake; 1964 1.4 meters, cause Alaska 9.2 earthquake. 1 meter is 3 feet.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God, now he's got a fan club. Our very own oracle--of course this one doesn't have Larry's billions or his boat. Can a cult be far behind? Kool-aid in the Quarry? Is this where it starts? Baby steps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kathy, for that public service message. Merit badge in the mail. You heard it, Fixers, don't order the chili.

Anonymous said...

347 It's an epiphany! A sign! This town already has the plumbing from that early-California Spanish Colonial era. Visionaries, those who went before, oops, were visionaries. Only blind fools would doubt them or their little straggler, Local Lib. Unclog it all! Freedom! Oh wrong movie. Libertad!

Anonymous said...

I think the lib is the guy from Texas.

The Local Libertarian said...

@4:00 PM


If you overlap that Tsunami Inundation zone of the Rockaway Beach area with a topography map, the real story emerges.

The majority of the Quarry area is catchment for a Tsunami coming in through the narrow Rockaway beach. Almost all of that low lying area is a soggy swamp/marsh. And you want development on that? For what? Making quick bucks now so people can end up with soggy homes and lost belongings later on?

If and when the sea levels grow (they are growing) that 1.3 M swell could very well be a 2M swell or more. It may only be 6ft of water, but I'll bet the volume of water that is 6ft tall and about half a mile or more long is quite a bit of water.

You really want a Best Western on a really beautiful beach? Best Western? The epitome of tasteless motel business. How about Motel 6?
Oh wait, there something like that right next to Nicks. Is that the kind of trashy development you want for Pacifica? I mean, this is along the same lines as having a Taco Bell on Linda Mar Beach. If this is the kind of tragedy of development of Pacifica you seek, that is seriously laughable.

I don't see the point of developing the Quarry when the existing development is substandard, under utilized and shoddy. For anyone with any sense of architecture and history, majority of Pacifica is a blight. You can try and convince others that it is not, but the fact is, it is.

You can believe whatever you want to believe. But economics has a way of expressing itself. When the Fed pulls back its liquidity in the next few months we'll see how many of these who want "Taco Bell on Linda Mar Beach" will remain.

Pacifica problems raising funds in an open market when the market was flooded with liquidity and now they have to nickle and dime it UUT.

That in itself is a sign that status quo has been an epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, I don't like that stuff about the fed funds pullback triggering a financial collapse. Local Lib's disguise may be slipping.

Kathy Meeh said...

Libertart 732 (9/7/13), yep develop the quarry for economic and social benefit. And do it TODAY, we're already about 25 years late. Needless to say, development follows the expertise of professionals, as well as all existing regulations (including Environmental Impact Reports, and Coastal Commission approval).

The professional scientific, global warming assessment that our Pacific Ocean may increase about 6 inches in 100 years hardly compares to the scary 6 feet prediction of your personal crystal ball.

Our city does need improved tax revenue through new business and improved business. But even though you've said you like infill development, the Holiday Inn Express Hotel infill expansion you refer to as "trashy". Apparently this improvement is not grand enough for you, whereas Nick's Restaurant (which you mentioned) is. Other businesses may improve in the quarry area when (and if) the 87 acres are developed. Also, a fast food restaurant has existed on Linda Mar Beach "forever", A&W (root beer) was there prior-- and, its doubtful that slight increases in the federal interest rates will affect who eats tacos at Taco Bell.

Other than that, how long did you say you've lived in Pacifica, what cities do you like, and what is your expertise?

Anonymous said...

The libertarian should be preaching down at 1 Powell in SF.

I think it is the guy who was banned from this site, for posting 60% of the posts.

The Local Libertarian said...

@ 3:29 AM

I can assure you that Quarry development won't happen for at least the next 25 yrs. Regardless of how much ever people will scream, shout, dream and complain.

I will say that I will also personally take a role in discouraging/dissuading development in the Quarry.

It will not only upset the local wild system but it will be a risky development. Its just all around a very bad proposition.

$80 million has a lot more potential in places like Dubai, India, Kenya and elsewhere than this crying pit of shame.

Also, you are not paying attention.

Here, read about 1964 Alaskan Tsunami Impact

The tsunami caused an esimated 1 million dollars in damage to San Francisco Bay, where it was only 3.7 feet high! Wave heights reached 10.1 feet at Half Moon Bay, 10 feet a Santa Cruz, 8.5 feet in Monterey, and 6.5 feet in San Diego

If the sea levels rose by "1 inch" that would be 1 inch over many many thousands of square miles. It would simply contribute towards more water when an event does occur. There is already an on going public discussion about securing the SF Bay so the tech companies in the valley which are currently below the sea level won't be submerged.

You might also want to read this for future reference.

Anonymous said...

Does it still take only 2 signatures to have someone placed under 5150 hold?

I will sign to have Libertarian checked out by medical professionals.

I need another signature. Quick.

Anonymous said...

Please spare us from some pretentious elitist who doesn't even have a clue as to what his pseudonym means being the arbiter of what can and cannot be developed in Pacifica.

The Local Libertarian said...

When the 2011 Tohuku earthquake happening in Japan,

In the Bay Area, Pacifica's eight schools were closed as a precaution against flooding. The main beach in Pacifica was also closed, and two officers were on hand to warn the curious


There is quakes due in Alaska, California and Hawaii that can all effect the west coast.

Also, the California coastal "upwell" is on the decline . This only increases the potential for west coast hurricanes.

Instead of spending money on recovery after the fact better to take preventive actions NOW.

Anonymous said...


We had a mutual aid of many police from other cities. San Bruno,SSF, DALY CITY,COLMA, HILLSBOROUGH, all came over to help.

Obviously you don't live in Pacifica.

The Local Libertarian said...


Why live in risky areas and then pay more taxes to have the government help me when I can live in in risk free areas and not deal with the aftermath?

The bill for Hurricane Sandy was north of $60 billion. This kind of stupidity is what I think gets people in trouble.

Respect nature and then I won't have to bother myself and police from all the neighboring cities where they should be serving and protecting.

Its not about community effort and all that feel good stuff. Its about what care I have taken so I don't get caught in trouble that I could've very well avoided.

Throughout human history, there is evidence that smart people heeded the warnings of nature and behaved in accordance. Those that did not were and are ultimately subject to winning Darwin Awards

The Local Libertarian said...

Trammell Crow/ Don Peebles don't live in Pacifica either.

By your logic any out of town developer or funds or opinions are not relevant in the context of Pacifica.

Why not extend that logic to out of town visitors or people who desire to live on the coastside?

How do I know that you live in Pacifica? And what has me living in Pacifica got to do with the facts of Pacifica?

And whats up with the City Finance? Are they so inept that they'll simply upload scanned PDFs instead of actually digitizing this information as any other self-respecting city that has clue of IT would do?

Or it is because it is too poor and broke?

Anonymous said...

Goodness! What a pretentious arrogant ass. Puts on quite a show, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Local Lib, You sound like Pedro Point. Ruining the hillside and the view with your own personal abomination? Dude, you're in the running for your very own Darwin Award with Oak Leaf Cluster for Hypocrisy.

The Local Libertarian said...


You hear wrong.

Its not about hypocrisy. It is about my personal interests. And trying to figure out how my personal interests align with larger interests of society. And how I can benefit within that framework.

Its a free country. My views vs the rest. Its as though you all feel my views have some weight. If they do, my guess is its probably because the larger facts support them. But of course you are welcome to propose counter views and public debate. Like I mentioned before, I am wrong then I'll suffer the loss for my stance. Its the marketplace.

Its in my self interest to protect my investments and improve them. May be instead of calling me names and feeling high and mighty on your horse and such, time is better spent figuring out self interests and working towards them. Maybe?

Yeah, the Quarry isn't happening. And no there aren't going to be any residences there, nor any big box retail nor outlets nor commercial development.

Its a lost cause. And time is better spent not wasting it on lost causes.

Any other ideas you have? I am listening.

Anonymous said...

Just figured out who the libertarian is. A couple more stupid posts and he will be outed.

Your gig is up Sam.

The Local Libertarian said...

So you don't have an argument. Good to know.

Quarry development still ain't happening.

What else?

Anonymous said...

No, Local Lib, I heard it right. I get you. All the fanciful ideas, grandiose words, so evolved and's all about you. Fake and hypocritical on every level. You're a caricature, a cartoon of the ideas and sense of entitlement of the flawed and inherently elitist movement that has permanently crippled Pacifica. Whether you've got your tongue in cheek, or, more likely, your head up your arse, thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

306 Could be but another guy up there comes to mind as well. Either way they're just the diverting side show.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Local Lib that it does seem like the only response anyone's got to his/her comments is personal attacks and ridicule, nothing substantive.

The Local Libertarian said...

@ 3:31

You are free to ignore me you know.
But quarry development won't happen.

And, I will personally make it my cause to prevent any future development in the quarry.

Trammell Crow/Don Peebles/Barry Swenson, they've all come and gone.

If you have problem with that, complain to the city.

Red Legged Frog breeding would help the garter snake habitat too!

Anonymous said...

432 Now he's got a defender, or is that a case of self-defense? Side show.

Anonymous said...

Some of Local Lib's comments are a splash of cold water reality to the face. Some other ideas are such a hard turn away from local received wisdom that they will never be accepted and have zero chance of ever becoming reality. But they're interesting ideas for discussion. Some people seem to be afraid of that. Sea level rise IS gonna happen and development in the quarry is never gonna happen. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Local lib likes posting back and forth to himself. Apparently, he has lots of time on his hands.

Anonymous said...

While you people are engaging the lib. Another lawsuit filed about highway . Attorney Celeste Langelle, as predicted.

Details on riptide.

Anonymous said...

Remember, it's not a question of IF there's a great big quake coming, it's only a question of WHEN it will hit.

Anonymous said...

The Fukushima fish are coming. Tuna melt, anyone?

Anonymous said...

524 You close with impressive choices, because those two issues, sea level rise and developing the quarry, are definitely the pick of Local Lib's wonky litter.

Anonymous said...

I guess Celeste Langille had a lot of free time after council booted her off the Planning Commission. She and her new group, Pacificans for a Scenic Coast, are suing Caltrans, the SMC TA and this city to stop the highway widening. Shocking.

I "heart" Joe Paterno said...

"Just figured out who the libertarian is."

The Texas buffoon.

Hutch said...

LL's false claims that the quarry is in a tsunami zone is blatenly untrue

Here's the map drawn by USC in 2009

While Nick's and the Moonraker would be in a tsunami path, 90% of the quarry is high and dry baby.

This is the kind of crap the anti everything hippies throw up.

Anonymous said...

Oh who cares. Tsunami, salame. Hurricanes, tornados, rivers regularly flooding their banks...Americans love to build there. The problem is that no one who actually could build something in the quarry, is interested in doing so. That possibility could be gone for good. Or maybe it's just waiting for the highway issue to be resolved. Oh, that's the same as gone for good. Local Lib just wants you to twitch.