Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pacifica Index, City Litigation file

Pacifica Index        

Litigation involving the City of Pacifica or City Departments

With permission from Chris Fogel, Editor & Publisher

Related -  The lawsuits against Highway 1 widening are also found at San Mateo Superior Court Open Access: Case type is CIV,  and lawsuit identification numbers are listed below.  For easier reading of the complaint, Chris Fogel has set-up an efficient system which you may find more friendly than Open Access.  

Hal Bohner, Esq. lawsuit, Case, CIV 522741 - Peter Loeb vs. City of Pacifica.  Complaint filing:  PETER LOEB, an individual, Plaintiff v. CITY OF PACIFICA, and DOES I through X, inclusive, Defendants.  Filed 7/10/13,  complaint 17 pdf pages. 

Celeste C Langille, Esq. lawsuit, Case CIV 523973 - Pacificans for a Scenic Coast vs. CA Department of Transportation.  Complaint filing:  PACIFICANS FOR A SCENIC COAST, an unincorporated association, Petitioner and Plaintiff, vs. CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION; and DOES 1 through 10, Respondents and Defendants, SAN MATEO COUNTY TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY; CITY OF PACIFICA, and DOES 11 through 60, Real Parties in Interest & Defendants. Filed, 9/6/13, complaint 24 pdf pages.  

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