Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Electric vehicle ordinance added to new housing permits in Palo Alto

Scary instructions on how to use:
  plug the electric cord into the automobile
In the spirit of cheering on cutting edge cities, and looking to the future....

....  "San Jose Mercury News/Daily News/Jason Green (Staff Writer), "Palo Alto looks to require electric vehicle chargers in new homes."  

....  "Let's figure out as a council what we can do to remove the obstacles to owning electric vehicles in Palo Alto," Scharff said before the 9-0 vote. "I think what we really need to do is make it convenient, easy and economical." 

....  The cost is often under $200 for a new home, or four times less than what it runs to install a charger at an existing home, Scharff said. ....  As part of the effort to streamline the permit process, the city council said it also wanted to ensure that fair prices were being charged."   Read article.

Related - ABC 7 News, 9/24/13, includes embedded video 1:12 minutes.

Note:   photograph from  Green Car Reports, "Charge your electric car for less:  switch off unused appliances."

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