Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lowe's buys Orchard Supply

Orchard Supply, Daly City continues
San Jose Mercury News/Business/Associated Press, 8/30/13.  "Lowe's completes Orchard Supply acquisition."

"Home improvement retailer Lowe's said it has completed its acquisition of 72 stores from Orchard Supply Hardware Stores for approximately $205 million.Orchard is a Sears spinoff that filed for bankruptcy in June. That same month the San Jose-based, company received the offer from Lowe's. The "stalking horse" bid also included the assumption of debts owed to nearly all of Orchard's suppliers.

The deal allows Lowe's to expand in California and reach into urban areas. Because Orchard's has smaller stores, it can operate in areas of dense population. Orchard will continue to run as a separate, stand-alone company. "   Read More. 

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Anonymous said...

OSH had to file bankruptcy and Lowe's took the good stores. The one on Gellert probably will be closed.

OSH should have never went private after buying themself's from Sears.