Saturday, September 7, 2013

Regional GGNRA dog walking trend, on leash or "not allowed"

San Francisco Chronicle/Peter Fimrite, 9/6/13. "GGNRA managers unleash dog-walking rules."
Dog's view, off leash life is preferred

"The decades-old imbroglio over dog walking on Bay Area parkland cropped up again Friday...  The preferred alternative in the latest revision of the federal dog management plan would add more leashed areas to the GGNRA and let dogs run free in new areas of Fort Funston and Fort Mason. But it maintains most provisions of the original plan, which outraged canine advocates.
....  Recreation area officials said the changes are needed because of a dramatic increase in the number of visitors and, as a result, conflicts over the past two decades. Some naturalists and bird-watchers have also complained about dogs trampling vegetation, frightening birds and harassing wildlife.

 ....  Restrictions would be increased in another popular dog walking area in Marin, Oakwood Valley, where the fire road proposed in 2011 for off-leash walking would be changed to on-leash only, according to Levitt.  .... The GGNRA's new park, Rancho Corral de Tierra in San Mateo County, would allow leashed dogs only on trails next to the communities of El Granada and Montara. The 3,939-acre area near Moss Beach has been used for decades by people exercising their dogs off leash, according to local canine fanciers."    Read article.

Related - Pacifica Patch/Camden Swita, 6/1/11, "City asks for more on-leash areas, gradualism in new GGNRA dog plan."   "The new plan would in fact create a special rule that, on a few sites such as Rodeo Beach and Crissy Field, would allow an exception to existing federal law that prohibits off-leash dogs in any national park except for the very few where hunting is allowed.  But in Pacifica and many other areas, there will be no off-leash areas. Instead, on-leash areas will be clearly marked and enforced and “no dogs allowed” areas will dominate the GGNRA open space.

Note:  Photograph from  Pacifica Riptide 12/11/07.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

As "no dogs allowed" becomes the standard for state, federal and county recreational space, a seaside city with an official off-leash doggie beach at Sharp Park will be a destination. Dog lovers love and support people and places who welcome dogs. How about it City Council? You could be hailed as smart and fair. Not much of that in your lives, is there?

Anonymous said...

When dog owners fix the problems at the new dog park - as they promised Pacifica they would before it was built - only then should new areas be available to off-leash dogs. Prove you will abide by the promises you made or STFU.

Anonymous said...

639 That's powerful writing. The image that pops into the reader's mind--beer can, beer gut, stained wife beater tank top, kitchen table, family cowering in the corner. What was it you said?

Anonymous said...


Now please help me erect these tacky orange fences to protect these precious little shore birds.

Anonymous said...

Have you met our new shore rangers aka bird bodyguards at LMBeach? Nobody better pick on those plovers.