Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fairmont stepchild or Cinderella?

Pacifica Tribune letters to the editor, 8/27/13.   "Fairmont stepchild" by Victor Spano

Fairmont, Manor, Sharp Park, Linda Mar
What's the big deal you've got the freeway and Daly City
....  "What is astonishing to me, though, is that none of the projects are in my neighborhood, Fairmont, Westview or other Skyline neighborhoods. I pose the question to our council members: What about Skyline Boulevard, it could stand for some improvements, it is often congested, bumper to bumper between Manor and Hickey during commute hours?. 

Stepchild okay, I'm smart and beautiful
There have been a number of collisions at the Hickey / Skyline intersection, including a fatal pedestrian strike. Skyline is Caltrans bailiwick, but could Pacifica be proactive with neighboring jurisdictions to work with Caltrans on looking at improving Skyline Boulevard?. One of the candidates in the last council election talked about a sound wall to help those residents living on Gateway last fall, and I agree with him, that's a great idea for Skyline -- attractively designed soundwall(s) would benefit the neighbors of that freeway (north of Hickey) and two lane road (south of Hickey).  

....  Why are the benefits of capital improvements only located and benefiting the areas of Pacifica down the hill?. This town is more than those areas Can a more "City-wide approach" to capital project planning be implemented so that all neighborhoods may benefit evenly from Capital Improvement Projects? One of my elder neighbors, an original Fairmont owner observed, I am paraphrasing, "Fairmont is the unwanted stepchild of Pacifica." Perhaps he was being melodramatic, but I kind of get this feeling too."   Read more.

Note photographs:  from North Carolina Dance Theatre,  and  NASDAQ the ugly stepchild index.  The first paragraph of this article was separated into two for easier reading.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

What about back in the valley? Oh wait the senior assisted living center will never be built.

And Oddstad school will sit empty for years.

Frontier Park is teenage wasteland.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of those stupid pictures?

Kathy Meeh said...

812, the "stupid pictures" got your attention, and amused the poster. Now if you only had a flexible enough brain to focus on the letter-to-the-editor article issues, we might all be "smarter".

That's the point, got it now? Otherwise, I could post a related article with picture just for you. Would that help you understand my view of your repeated theme question? Alternatively, you could submit to the blog your own choice of article (with or without picture). Looking forward to you doing that!

Anonymous said...

I thought the stupid picture was funny. I thought it looked like Danny Bonaduce!

Anonymous said...

I'm liking both of the pictures. Very Pacifica. Goofy, impractical dancers from the 'Let Them Eat Cake/Buy Me a Library' crowd and a tattooed, unkempt looking child with serious proportion problems. Nothing to support that big head. Now, doesn't that say Pacifica?