Tuesday, September 3, 2013

City meetings this week, September 3rd through 6th, 2013

Quiet out there...

No City meetings this week. 

Note:  photograph from  Moses Junkyard. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

For those of you paying attention at home. The August 26th city council meeting was scheduled, then cancelled then brought back only to be cancelled once again.

Good to know city staff is on the ball once again.

Anonymous said...

Can we propose change of city name?
To "Pacifica Del Azul"

Anonymous said...

That translates to Pacifica of the Blue, or Pacifica, the blue...it sounds catchy. Could be the needed catalyst for a city renaissance. Gives off an upscale ring. On the other hand, a few miles away, the change from East Pittsburg to Bay Point did not help them that much or did it? I suggest the writer gather signatures and see how that fares

Anonymous said...


Typical for Pacifica. Someone else should gather signatures. Someone should pass out fliers, someone should get a law passed.

Pass the buck, kick the can.

Anonymous said...

7:06 or anyone else

if you can point me to instructions on how to change the city name, I can get started


The Local Libertarian said...

Pacifica should go back to its Alta California tradition. Spanish Mission Architecture.

The city should also encourage people to grow local fruit trees in their back and front yards.

Figs, limes, oranges, peaches, persimmons, apples etc. Fruits that can withstand and thrive in Ocean fog.

Given the moisture in the air this could be accomplished with little to no extra water.

Anonymous said...

I am a lady in Pacifica and I have some ideas:

The smart leaders of any place should not only waste tax.

Why do you want to change the name of the City 5:23? What is your reason. Everyone would have to chnage their address labels and check books and drivers license if you change the name of the city.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the name of a nice seafood restaurant or a trailer park. Interesting idea, this town could use an alias.

Anonymous said...

435 don't they usually cancel the 2nd meeting in August? or was that December, or both?

The Local Libertarian said...

@ 9:00

Better branding. Its purely marketing. Presentation. A new identity. Same reason why it works for corporations.

Would "San Francisco" be just as cool if it were named say "St. Francis" or "Golden Gate Ciy" or "Francis City"?

Don't have to change addresses and check books right away and abruptly. It can be phased in. When your current check book is due for replacement the new checks will have a new name and so on.

I am a young male. And I really think Pacifica has a lot of potential. In fact, I do believe it can be transformed into one of the coolest little towns in the bay. It doesn't need a whole lot of investment. Just proper planning and gradual execution.

It has natural beauty. Accessibility, clean air, great weather and really awesome sunsets. Its not crowded. There is simply no other place like Pacifica/Coastside along the entire West Coast.

Anonymous said...

The city should do this. The city should do that. Yada yada yada.

pacifica resident said...

I don't want to sound like some random person that is just complaining about life in a city they have not lived in for an extended period of time.

On that note how ever i would like to ask a question that seems to be evading my wife and I about this place.

When leaving the central valley for a new job near the City this place looked like the perfect home, aside from dealing with the usual cost of living issues a new comer to this area might face. We quickly found all the things we loved about this place could not over shadow the noise. I have lived in quite a few cities over the last 40 years but i never have lived in a place with so many motor cycles Romping up and down the roads. It seems almost anywhere i go if im out side ROOOOMMMMM and if that's not a bother enough as it is.. its happening in the streets next to your middle schools???

the major reason we wanted to come her is our child's available school system which you scored so well on .. its just a shame.

at this point expecting our next newborn my wife does not see how we can have a new born sleeping when the after school wave hits and trucks and bikes go speeding off WELL!!! over the speed limit so often and so loud.

last week some picture frames fell off the wall and that was the straw for my wife. I love the area i love the shops the vibe i was really looking forward to this place, Driving home from work i saw a lady with a bumper sticker on her car and then i found your blog. I have to say .. any undercover cop could hang out further down from the Terra Nova High school and just listen and watch how fast the trucks or mid life crisis sports cars go ripping up the street. I have talked with 6 other renters on the street that have all left for this same reason and sadly ill now be one of them by the end of the year.

thank you for letting me find a place to vent this i truly truly hope others in your city care as much as you seem to from your blog. I am sorry again for the rant but its been a year long frustration that is now causing us to leave the area i was really hopping to plant some roots here. My wife has family that lives here but its just not worth all the problems down by this middle school, I might as well have 10x the land and lose my free time with a longer commute then put my family through all the stress and frustration any longer.

not to mention the modifications on these bikes are not legal and to get them to the volume they are getting to .. a radar cop could pop them for expedition of speed constantly or the kids pull'n donuts at 3 am

ops there i go again .. sorry. I hope to hear from you even if its not a response on your blog but this is the 8th city i have lived in and i have to say i have never been more miserable in such a nice area in my life

Ill still come visit often though im sure of it!

Steve Sinai said...


Anonymous said...

pacifica resident, you're making a judgement about ALL the streets in Pacifica based on the one bad street you live on. I assure you, there are many streets in Pacifica that are very quiet. There's no need to leave the area, just move to another street.

Anonymous said...

This guy on Terra Nova hit the nail on the head. The same 4 guys on the older Harley's seem to drive around town all day in a contest who can make the most noise.

Now there are other streets in Linda Mar that are pretty crusty. Aspen was a crusty street but it has cleaned up nicely. Lewis Lane will always be Lewis Lane.

The problem is, many people like living in a crusty broken down house. That is their deal. The city has no code enforecement officer and when we did, he couldnt put a notice on the door or mail the homeowner or renter a letter. Useless.

Drive up Park Pacifica into the Park Pacifica Estates. Good old Pride of ownership.

Some of the houses around Manor, Sharp Park, and Linda Mar look worse then Moonshine shacks back out in the woods.

Anonymous said...

A Pacifica by any other name would stink the same.

We need beautification and development. Fix up Manor Shopping Center it's the first thing you see and looks like crap. Help the owners put on that blue tile on the roof.

Anonymous said...

948 Given it's geography and proximity to the City, Pacifica should be a nicer place to live than it actually is. There are nicer, better planned and better run communities for your family, although they can be expensive either in commute time or money. Just don't live near the noise and traffic of a school, particularly a high school.

Anonymous said...

Sinai suggests Port-au-Pacifica. Would we qualify for disaster relief funds? A shotgun toting Sean Penn patrolling our streets?
Or just funny little umbrellas in the drinks at Nick's? How about a corporate sponsor?

Anonymous said...

Yeah 1015, don't jump to conclusions. Move around. Then you'll know for sure that we have many bad streets.
Or, just take the fam and make a run for it now.

Anonymous said...

806 True. Manor Shopping Center is the absolute worst thing to see when entering Pacifica. Coming down that hill on 1 with the glorious ocean view and then you get the shopping center as your awful intro to the town of Pacifica. Rundown, cheap, ugly, outdated. Hard to shake that opening view. Easy to dismiss the whole town. The rest of the town from Highway 1 doesn't look too bad. Visitors probably don't even know it's all one town. Nothing to really grab your attention before Linda Mar Beach, Pedro Pt. except Rockaway. That empty lumber yard building between Vallemar and Rockaway is looking pretty bad. Time for a coat of paint? Look what that did for the auto-repair bldg. at Vallemar. Maybe Council could express some concern to the owner? The town is broke and we look it.

Anonymous said...

A name change, upgrades, city renaissance, any of these could tie in with that dreaded word "gentrification." With gentrification comes higher property values,less lower income families, a higher cost of living, etc. Gentrification usually results in less diversity and more homogeneous neighborhoods.

People should be aware that upgrades are not always for the better. Too much of a good thing can drastically backfire.

Hutch said...

I agree about Manor Shpg Ctr. That's the cover they judge our book by. Maybe there are some grants to help the owners beautify it? And the Manor Hardware on the left could use a facelift too.

Anonymous said...


The asphalt paving company bought the old lumber yard property out of foreclosure from the bank. They are running the asphalt paving company out of the site.

Take a look at Park Mall it is worse then Pacific Manor. Garbage stacked up every week by the dumpsters, people dumping garbage every night. Lights in the parking lot do not work. Empty lot turns to mud out front every time it rains.

Anonymous said...

1004 Park Mall is not what you see driving into this town. You see Pacifica Manor and it provides a really poor introduction. Low-end and ugly. Is Park Mall in your neighborhood? Who owns it? No faith in council doing anything other than calling for volunteers? Understandable. If the garbage is out of control, that's a serious health dept issue. Go to the county!

955 Are you kidding? This town is in absolutely no danger of over-gentrification. Not in favor of covenants and excess rules, but Pacifica has gone to far to the sloppy end of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Hutch, it's a tear down just waiting to happen. Might have to rot for a few more years, but there's got to be somebody out there able to see the potential and big enough to roll right over whatever ridiculous bunch is in city hall.

Anonymous said...

1004 What!! You mean right there in amongst all that Park Pacifica pride of ownership. I'm shocked. Piles of garbage, a seasonal swamp, punks hanging around. So posh.

Anonymous said...

According to Asian culture Pacifica was doomed from the start. Too many 4's in the zip code.


The reason why many Asian people will not buy here.

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in it!

Anonymous said...


The geniuses at city hall wouldn't even get involved to get the parking lights to work. The landlord just collects the rents.

Anonymous said...


Have you and Tom Clifford sat down and chatted yet?

Anonymous said...

@1229 Hey we've got a new city mgr. Dump it on her desk. Better yet, call the County Health Dept.
asap. Send them some photos to illustrate the problem. They frown on third world sanitation and they know whom to hold responsible and how to make it stick.

Anonymous said...

She better practice saying. Yes Ms. Mary Ann, what ever you and Mr Len say.

Anonymous said...

Could be interesting. Pacifica is a real freak show and this woman is mid-career coming from the normal world of Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Saratoga. Not that those places don't have their share of shape-shifters on council, but she must want to move up to city manager real bad to take this job.

Hutch said...

ANON 11:51 said "94044 The reason why many Asian people will not buy here."

That is total BS 11:51. Tell Foster City that, their zip 94404. Asian's are almost half the pop.

And would it kill Pacifica to plant some palm trees? They make it "seem" warmer. And the highway median in Manor is awful.

Anonymous said...

They don't buy here because they're smart smart smart.