Wednesday, September 18, 2013

City council meeting, Monday, September 23, 2013

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local channel 26, also live internet feed,  The meeting begins at 7pm, or shortly there following.  City council updates and archives are available on the City website.    City Council meeting agenda, 9/23/13.

Item 4,  outsourced high level city employees
Closed Session - none.

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.   

Consent calendar   
1.    Approval of cash disbursements. 
2.    Approval of  Minutes of August 12, 2013. 
3.    Approval of  Minutes September 9, 2013.   
4.    Approval of a contract with Regional  Government Services (RGS), to hire temporary high level government staff. Hire an Administrative Services Director (75% time), and 3 part-time HR employees (40 hours per week).  RGS is a non-profit, low cost, flat rate Joint Powers Authority which provides local government staffing. Summary report.
5.     Adoption of a Support Safe Routes to School resolution: partnering with local schools,street modification projects, safe routes, community participation events, quality of life.
6.     Authorize the Mayor to sign a response letter to the San Mateo County Superior Court Judge in response to" two generic recommendations from the San Mateo Civil Grand Jury" (7/18/13) with regard to the appointment of  the Mosquito and Vector Control District Board.representative. "And we are pleased to add that our representative, a former Mayor and Council member is well qualified and has been providing Council regular written updates."  City response letter.

Item 6, mosquito/vector control,
qualified former Mayor
Special presentations
       a)  Fog Fest - Linda Jonas
       b)  Proclamation - Fire Prevention Month
       c)  Update on Poet Laureatte process - PB&R Subcommittee

Public hearing
7.     Resolution to adopt rezoning of 2212 Beach Boulevard to allow a mixed-use development to include a 36,000 square foot library, up to 84 attached residential units, a boutique hotel of up to 75 rooms, and a restaurant of up to  4,500 square feet (APN 016-204-020 and 016-294-510).  Also amend the General Plan/Local Coastal Land Use Plan, and recommend the California Coastal Commission local coastal land use amendment.  Summary report.
8.     Submit the application for Western Snowy Plover protection signage and fencing at the northern portion of Pacifica State Beach to the Coastal Commission.
9.     Mayor letter to the District Lines Advisory Committee, requesting Pacifica remain in District 3, retaining interest and ties with the coastal communities to our south.  Draft Letter.
10.   Adoption of a City economic development plan to be considered for future consideration, Stephen Wahlstrom, principal author, reviewed and recommended by the city Economic Development Committee:  1). that the Calson property be kept as commercial/recreational/possibly business zoning, 2) adding Shamrock Ranch to become a "world class equestrian center".
11.   Adoption of the City communication plan outline: : goals, guiding principles, message, channels, media, strategies, activities.  (Ginny Jaquith).

Note graphics:  Human widgets from  Gumtree UK;  Mosquito/Vector control from Africa green media.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Item 7, Public Hearing,
From the Summary Report, Page 6 Infrastructure Improvements...This Just In!!

"It is possible that the library will be constructed prior to the remaining portions of the project."

Ya think?

Anonymous said...

The city is about 36 million dollars short on this 36 million dollar project.

Anonymous said...

It's always been about the library. Can we say smoke screen?
How much were those plans this time? Expensive smoke screen.

Anonymous said...

Build the Library. The library will create new jobs. Today's library is evolving. It's not just about books anymore. Librarians will need to know technology and how it works, i.e., Google Searches. People who have a fear of technology will be able to go to their librarian for help.

Anonymous said...

Lots of commercial space empty around town for mini library's. Linda Mar Shopping Center, Crespi Business Center, Manor Shopping Center, Eureka Square, Fairmont Shopping Center.. Sell off both library sites and make mini librarys. One on each end of town.

Anonymous said...

Absurd! It'll be the perfect headstone for a dead town that squandered every chance to develop revenue. The only new jobs will be temporary construction jobs. Lasting much, much longer will be the 35 million dollar bond required to build this ridiculous and increasingly obsolete luxury. Hell of a legacy to leave our grandchildren...a worthless antique, a monument to the enormous egos at city hall.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Two separate tracks for this so-called development are becoming clear. One for the library and what was that other stuff they were talking about? You know, the part that made money? Oh, later. First things first.

Anonymous said...

1200 That's a great idea. Give people, particularly students and seniors, easier and more convenient access. Expand hours and days of operation. That would actually create jobs. That empty Hallmark store at LM would be a great spot. Plenty of other space available and nothing else is going to fill it. Sell off the old sites for infill housing. Maybe some senior housing on the Sanchez site. These smaller, pop-up neighborhood libraries aren't as flashy as the monument now being planned, but they can be a much truer and more genuine realization of what a library should and can mean to people. And how a city should live within its means. Get the political egos out of it and serve the community. What a headline that would make!

Anonymous said...


Remember to vote for me for Mayor.

My campaign slogan will be:

I promise to bankrupt the city much less then past Council Members and Mayors!

Anonymous said...

I like to read books; I like the idea of a nice new library too. But most of all, I like the idea of a fiscally stable city. So until Pacifica gets back on its feet. major improvements such as a new library should be put on the back burner. I do not want to see a $36m bond while we're still trying to payoff the WWTP bonds. i read a while back that the initial cost of the WWTP bond was about $200 pert resident. After our former leaders re-financed that bond to build a new police station, etc; the cost per resident jumped to $2000 +. That is each man, woman, and child who owes that amount; not each household. The Federal Government will be passing on an increasing burdensome debt to our children and grandchildren; nothing we can do about that. However, do we want to add to their burden by having yet another bond debt to pay?

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid the library was in Sharp Park next to the state of the art Sharp Park Waste Water Plant. The library and surrounding area stunk to h*ll.

The 2nd library was in Linda Mar Center as was the post office. The post office was around where starbucks is now and the library was between starbucks and the pet supply store.

The Park Pacifica Or Terra Nova library was placed pefect on that lot for nothing to ever be built there. The church is next door but there is so much wasted space between the library and Park Mall.

Anonymous said...

121 Aw, shucks.

Anonymous said...

A disjointed, dysfunctional, so-called city that's basically 9 freeway exits is the perfect place for satellite or pop-up libraries. Small and simple in some of our many empty locations. No 40 million dollar bond measure required. Sell that city-owned real estate for real development instead of public buildings. The town is desperate for real improvement, new housing stock, nice apts, senior housing, people to support existing and new businesses. Growth, real growth.

Anonymous said...


Pacifica is knownly called:

Dysfunction junction.

To those outside town. If you do not believe me, go into any other city and mention you are from Pacifica. They will laugh and say I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

433 Yeah, first time I ever heard it referred to as Pathetica was while serving on jury duty in RWC 25 years ago. The name fits better today than ever. Like a glove.

Anonymous said...


Or pasyphilis

Anonymous said...

728 You must run with a different crowd. Never heard it referred to as that in RWC. They are kinda stuffy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:33 "go into any other city and mention you are from Pacifica. They will laugh and say I am sorry." That's not my experience at all. You must mix with a very snobbish crowd.

Now if you say you're from Vallejo or Richmond ...

Anonymous said...

We're viewed with contempt by county officials in RWC. Have been for decades. Of course they're contact is limited to "official" Pacifica. For the most part, other people probably never heard of us.

Steve Sinai said...

I've gotten an, "Aw, that's too bad" look when I've told people I live in Pacifica.

Normally I get a blank stare, or people ask me, "Where's Pacifica?" And that's the reaction from Bay Area residents.

Anonymous said...

When I'm asked where I live and I say Pacifica, the most common reaction I get is no reaction, as in "Where is that? I've never heard of it." When I explain that it's on the ocean just south of SF and Daly City, they usually say something like, "Oh yeah, I've been through there." Many people think that Pacifica is Pacific Manor and that it stops a little further south from there. They think Rockaway and Linda Mar are different communities, like Montara and Moss Beach. I've met people who live in Pacifica who don't know they live in Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Most people think Pacifica is what they see driving through town on Highway 1.

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's not unusual for visitors or those in transit to be unaware that this town extends from roughly Pacific Manor to Pedro Point. It doesn't look like one town. Ding ding ding. There is no town.

Anonymous said...

Most people are not really impressed in what they see along side Highway 1 and keep going right out of town.

Kathy Meeh said...

As long as others are bitching, here's my two-cents. From the north coming down either hill Pacifica has a beautiful coastline, and that's awesome! Looking at sections of the city, it looks like there was once an outlined development plan. It also looks like that plan was interrupted.

Now with so much land that can never be built, from highway 1 and elsewhere the city looks more like a spotty development outback. Thus, we live in a city with questionable potential, substandard conditions, and unsustainable revenue.

Worse, we continue to live with dysfunctional denial, while fighting over ecology vs. economy scraps. Whereas, isn't more reasonable to try to fix the economic and financial problems (best we can) that plague, trouble and distress this city? Wouldn't the community be happier with such structural stressors fixed? Or is this thought just too complicated, or alternatively too simplistic, for our civic leadership to figure-out and finally act upon to resolve?

Solutions? Here's one. Bring-in a couple of national (or regional) developers, and offer them a deal they can't refuse to build revenue producing projects. What to build? Let them do the research, with some city input. Take bids that look the best, and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Shocking! Where are your priorities, people? We must build a library. And we must do it now. Councilmembers ache for their names etched on a cornerstone. Just how many cornerstones do you think this lot will produce? My God, they could term out before they bask in the glory.

Quickly, quickly. Whenever called, fulfill your destiny as Pacifica taxpayers and voters. To the polls, dear lambs!