Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trails vs. street repair, one man's opinion, Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay Review/Letter to the Editor, Max Lofland, 4/3/14. "Stop spending our Money for this."

Waterfront Coastside Trail: One of the trails along the edge of the cliffs.
Waterfront Coastal Trail
 Monies better spent on streets
.... "The cost was reported to be $2.85 million for a fiasco that also runs parallel to the other Coastal Trail by the beach. The wasted money used here could have put a large dent in the repair of our streets that are in dire need of repair.  What the heck are they thinking? City Councilwoman Naomi Patridge should be ashamed to have her name attached to this.

Ah, but wait, that’s not all. Now they are talking about another stretch of trail to go south to the golf course. Talk about a vacuum waiting to happen. All this for the cost of $11 million for one mile of trail. I do hope that was a typo in the paper.  

Thank you, Caltrans, and the small donations from the council for nothing and showing that our tax dollars really can be used to provide jobs at the wrong place and the wrong time for the very few. Now let’s get out there and support that bond initiative for the library like we did for that other fiasco, Beachwood. Oh, wait a minute. We weren’t asked about that one, were we?"   Read more.

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Note photographs:  Waterfront Coastside Trail (3 of 18) from Tripadvisor, "Easy and scenic hiking trail along the Pacific coast that measures six miles round trip." Naomi Patridge Trail from Half Moon Bay Review/Charles Russo, 6/28/12, "Among the city’s plans for improvements along the Highway 1 corridor is the expansion of the Naomi Patridge Trail, which is a pedestrian and bicycle trail that fronts the busy highway."

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