Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scenic Daly City park, dog-friendly sort of

Hello.... welcome to our park
San Francisco Chronicle/Tom Stienstra, 4/19/14.  "Daly City offers dog-friendly scenic beach park." 

"What you'll see: It's hard to believe that a place with a coastal lookout, bluff-top walks suitable for dogs, miles of beach and dramatic rock formations could get overlooked by so many people. Well, here it is: a special swath of coast from Pacifica to Daly City that may come as a surprise. You get dramatic views and access to coastal greenbelt. If you go the extra mile and venture down  to the beach, it gets better yet.

....  Coyotes: The greenbelt that extends along the bluff tops from the Mussel Rock Transfer Station north past Daly City to Thornton State Beach and the associate golf courses (east of Highway 35) is loaded with coyotes. Do not let your dog run off leash. Packs of coyotes have reportedly trapped and killed off-leash pets here.  Read more. 

Related -  Bay Nature/Eric Simons, 10/27/13, "Finding nature in Mussel Rock Park." "You park the car and walk through a chain link gate, with a laminated poster that warns of coyotes in the area and, right next to it, a missing dog flyer. You walk through a field of ice plant on a wide gravel path along the contour of a ridge. ..."  Yelp, Mussel Rock Beach Park, Daly City.   Fix Pacifica 3/27/12 article reprint - Beware of coyotes..." 

Note:  photograph from Pictures of coyotes website. 

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