Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Loaded football game, geez

San Jose Mercury News/Crime and Courts/Bay Area News Service, 4/15/14.  "Pacifica:  player allegedly brandishes gun on field after minor league football game."
Fury player:  I win

Islanders:  We play football

"PACIFICA - A member of a visiting minor league football team allegedly brandished a gun during a dispute with a rival player after a game at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica on Saturday afternoon, a police sergeant said. 

....  Police arrested one of the occupants, Julius Cesar Douglas, Jr., 25, on suspicion of brandishing a firearm, possession of a firearm on school grounds, and being a felon in possession of a firearm, Pacifica police Sgt. Dave Barranti said. Douglas, a Sacramento resident, is a player with the Capital City Fury, according to the team roster. Douglas allegedly brandished the gun after a confrontation with a player on the Pacifica Islanders, according to police. Police recovered the weapon, a .38 caliber revolver, and determined that it was stolen. Douglas was also arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property, according to Barranti."  Read more. 

Reference from Nextdoor 4/15/14  -  Pacifica police Press_Release_Apr_12_2014_14-1281.pdf

Reference of the minor league football teams - Pacifica Islanders, Pacifica, CA.  Capital City Fury, Sacramento, CA. 

Note graphics -  Pacifica Islanders logo from Pacifica Islanders, guy with a gun from Common gun sense blog.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


The Local Libertarian said...

Here is a really good article that explains the NIMBY view of the world. And why NIMBYs are NOBIES.


Kathy Meeh said...

Libertart 927, what's side's up? Your article link, "don't replace artichokes with population growth in the tech capital region of the world", has something to do with a visiting football team player pulling a gun on one of our team players???

Ah, but a good point about possible artichoke shortages in this region. Would GGNRA consider farming some of that unproductive permanent "open space" land? If so artichokes would again grow in this area, just as they did 50-100 years ago.

The Local Libertarian said...

Hi Kathy Meeh

I just didn't want to give you my real name and/or email address.

Since, I basically do not trust you to be impartial nor capable of general courtesy.

I am more interested in "FixPacifica" rather than reading about football games.

You can read the article or not.

Anonymous said...

Dan the Main Man over on Riptide said pacifica was much better off when it was hog farms, trout farms and artichoke farms.

Kathy he posted it in the wrong place

Anonymous said...

So much for no "real" crime in Pacifica.

In the last month or so.

1. Pedro point man shot by the swat team.

2. Man on roof in Linda Mar begging to be shot by police.

3. Gun at a football game played at Terra Nova.

Kathy Meeh said...

703, right, the 143 pseudonym and choice to post the unrelated article link fit into the category of "huh"?

On the other hand, 143, concentrated population growth, gentrification, and driving up living and housing cost are real, worrisome, valid concerns. Your Tech Crunch link is a bit of a researched "shaggy dog", but effectively makes that point. In terms of function, National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) makes the case for urban mixed use. (Remember the proposed quarry developments 2006, and 2001?) Alternative population concentrations? Some larger companies are doing just that, including out-of-state and out-of-country. Needed affordable housing, probably "everywhere", is an ongoing issue. If you change your mind about using your real name, you may wish to submit a few similar articles to Fix Pacifica for viewing and discussion. See blog upper left.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Doubt many bloggers are going to post their real names when doing so just usually brings derisive responses. The Pacifica crowd, imo, is not one that listens politely, weighs the other persons opinion, and then intelligently responds. Hence all the name calling, acronyms, etc. I suppose though that replying "anonymous" is still preferable rather than no replies at all.

Kathy Meeh said...

709, to submit an article, instructions are posted on the upper left of the blog, and your real name is needed. Personally, I would like to see, and appreciate, other people with real names submitting blog articles. More people sharing articles and information is preferred, FMV.

"Weighing" (your word) your opinion about names, I disagree. Generally, if an individual cannot sign their name to what they say say, what they say may be less identifiable and carries less value. If use of names were the norm, generally I believe people would be more polite. That may be dreaming, but so far it seems to be working on the city neighborhood email Nextdoor (okay its new).

The core issue is city infrastructure: fix it or let it rot. For several decades, the "let it rot" team has been winning. So much so, the city may never recover. Significant economic development solutions have been stymied by the "let it rot" team. And with continued evidence of city rot, the "let it rot" team, has now advanced to vacate city accountability, in favor of default county jurisdiction. We all post comments here, and that may be the nexus of what may be otherwise considered "derisive" (your word) comment exchange. Unless the "let it rot" team changes their sentiments in favor of city improvement-- on this issue, I don't see their subversive tactics changing on "Fix Pacifica."

Anonymous said...

NextDoor is the answer to council's prayers.

Anonymous said...


And you thought City Council cared about the taxpayers opinion?

The Local Libertarian said...



I find that respecting people for whatever choices they make (pseudonyms included) is usually and most often reciprocated with respect for my choices even though they may be disagreeable to them.

Since "respect" is something of a common ground for most people, it would then in my opinion set the stage for exchange of views and negotiation for influence. The good thing about this approach is, even if there is a disagreement, both parties can keep communicating. Best of all there is no name calling, insults or "us" vs "them" mentality expressed.

The key to resolving any issue is communicating, is what I've found.

Using a pseudonym is a middle ground where I can share my views and be identifiable while maintaining privacy and separation of real life and internet life.

I think this separation is healthy -- and it is a filter that stops from issues and insults getting too personal. Still as someone who intends to build a voice for "pro-development" in Pacifica, I think it is in the best interest to attract as my voices to your point of view instead of needless taunting and insults.

Anonymous said...

505 Can't say I did. Somehow I don't think the social media version of Neighborhood Watch will escape city use as a propaganda tool in their eternal quest to gain public trust and confidence. I could be wrong--but I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

811 The city failed AGAIN to gain public trust and confidence when they chose not to allow public response to their NextDoor posts.

Who comes up with these ideas?

Oh, lets fool the people into a phone tax. Oh lets tell people stuff in a one way format. Oh let's build a 30M library.

Anonymous said...

Got some serious control freaks at city hall.

Anonymous said...

The City Council is not interested in what we think. They want to tell us what to think.

Anonymous said...


Switch out Jimmy V with Mary Ann

Switch out "Sneaky" Pete with Lennie

Switch out Julie with Karen

Sue is Sue

Switch out Cal Hinton with Mike

You have the same city council.

But I must say Mike, stays awake a bit more than Cal did.