Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Small green building "gold standard" project, reality and the additional cost

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 4/15/14.  "New development takes shape on Dondee Way."

"Gold" 60 points, $100,000 extra cost
to comply with the standard
Steve Baldwin and his family from San Mateo are the developers behind the multi-use complex nearing completion in Rockaway Beach. ....  The Planning Commission approved this LEED gold development about a year ago. Baldwin said it cost about $100,000 extra to ensure everything was compliant with the LEED gold certification. "The LEED gold was then mandated by the city," Baldwin said.   Read more.

Reference, Fix Pacifica - Planning Commission, 2/19/13, 411 Dondee Way project summary, pdf 15 pages.  "Public hearings:  Construction of a mixed use project.  Three buildings, total commercial area approximately 1,700 square feet, with  three apartments on the upper floors. .... Commercial space on the ground floor of each building is approximately 600 square feet.  Proposed is one two-story building in front (the west unit), includes a one-bedroom apartment of approximately 600 square feet. The two three-story buildings in the rear lot  (north and south units), include a two-bedroom apartment of approximately 1,300 square feet each.  See Agenda Staff Report. 

Reference, Pacifica Planning Department - Green Building in Pacifica.  "On December 13, 2010 the City Council adopted a Green Building Ordinance (GBO), thereby establishing green building regulations for new and modified buildings within the City of Pacifica. The Ordinance also required approval by, and formal filing with, the State of California. On July 5, 2011 the Green Building Ordinance became effective. "  Pdf documents: Green Building Ordinance, 11 pages.  Green Building Handout, 2 pages. GreenPoint Rated Checklists.  U.S. Green Building Council's Rating Systems.
Related, general LEED information -  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) overview, WikipediaLEED - US Green Building Council.  Buildipedia,"understanding the LEED rating systems". National Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Building Green - LEED Certification Information, and (NRDC): If You Build it, They Will Come - Smart Growth (pdf).  HowStuffWorks "10 Facts..."

Note graphic from Buildipedia (above). 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the "gang of no" were not screaming about traffic and noise and out of town developer on this project?

Anonymous said...

Because the "gang of no" is not real. It's the invention of haters on this blog. As Dan Underhill points out over on Riptide today, it's a label used to discount legitimate concerns about a project. Nobody screamed about traffic and noise or any other concerns on this project because there weren't any. It's a small, mixed-use project in an existing mixed-use neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Ooookay sure anon 912. There's no gang of no. And there's no Russians in the Ukraine. No, it's all our imagination that a little group of people have opposed any economic development here for 20 plus years. No, Peter Loeb, Hal Boehner, Cynthia, Todd, Dan etc., they aren't members. I forgot, they're the gang of yes. Yes to lawsuits to stop any change. Yes to trails to nowhere, yes to keeping Pacifica poor. No they're not real.

Anonymous said...

Your chief protagonist proudly proclaimed his membership in the "Gang of No" in his Tribune column a few weeks ago.
Are you the gang of liars too?

Anonymous said...

First Dan-0 claimed he didn't know anything about the so-called "gang of no" Now he claims hey wait we do have a "gang of no"