Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last chance to sign-up for "Obamacare", just one detail away

April fool:  "people won't lie!"

Miss this open enrollment (and any subsidy), the next open enrollment period will begin in October, effective January 1st next year.  Networks are narrow.  If you already have a good plan and are not eligible for the subsidy, probably keep what you have.

San Jose Mercury News/Tracy Seipel, 4/1/14.  "Obamacare: deadline extension depends on honor system."

"Thousands of Californians who couldn't sign up for a health-care plan by 11:59 p.m. Monday because of the state insurance exchange's sluggish website are getting a second chance to do so. And they have until April 15.

There's only one catch: They must attest that they had tried to apply online by the deadline, either to a certified insurance agent, enrollment counselor, call-center operator or county social worker for help completing their applications. "People can lie; we think people won't,'' Peter Lee, Covered California's executive director, told reporters Monday."  Read article.

Note:  graphic from  About.com/"April Fools' Day Origin, History."  

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Anonymous said...

If you like yo doctor, you can keep yo doctor.