Saturday, April 12, 2014

San Francisco resolves to provide after-school programs to all K-5 students

San Francisco Examiner/Laura Dudnick, 4/10/14.  "SF school district seeks to expand access to after school programs."

Maybe not ready for Sanchez yet
Nice going San Francisco!
"The San Francisco Unified School District is taking steps to make after-school programs more widely available to all students, a move commissioners say has been needed for years. 

The Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday committing to increase access to after-school programs for the 26,005 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, the district will seek to expand the capacity at schools where more space is needed for after-school programs already in place.

Over time, the purpose of the resolution is to create a districtwide standard for after-school programs that can accommodate all students. The resolution applies primarily to elementary schools because most middle and high schools aren’t at capacity for their after-school programs, according to district officials."   Read article.

"Chalk board from Roanoke County, VA, art work from Parkside Children's Learning Center.

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