Monday, April 7, 2014

Fireworks lawsuit fizzles, Lake Tahoe

San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press, 4/6/14. "Lake Tahoe July Fourth fireworks lawsuit settled."

Win, lose, settle...
eco-attorney payday again?
"The biggest Fourth of July fireworks show at Lake Tahoe will go on as scheduled after tourism officials settled a lawsuit alleging that the event polluted the lake in violation of the Clean Water Act. The plaintiffs claimed the agency had violated the federal act more than 1,000 times during the past five years by discharging spent fireworks into the alpine lake.

....  Under the settlement, the authority will step up oversight of the post-fireworks cleanup and establish a hotline for residents to report any debris, Chaplin said.

"We would like to thank everyone for their efforts to bring this to an amicable conclusion," she said in a statement Tuesday. "Preserving the 4th of July and Labor Day shows and keeping Lake Tahoe and its beaches clean are of the utmost importance to our community."   Read article. 

RelatedFabulous Lake Tahoe blog, "About the Fireworks" "It also doesn't hurt that Lake Tahoe's annual fireworks event "Lights on the Lake" has been named one of the best small town fireworks displays anywhere. Last year we were #6 on AOL's nationwide list, and this year we were featured on NBC's Today show. Our local fireworks display is an automated music-synchronized display from award-winning area family business Pyro Spectaculars, Inc. The fireworks are shot off from a barge anchored off of Nevada beach just the other side of the state line, and can be seen from all over south Lake Tahoe. The fireworks begin at 9:45PM on July 4th."

Note photographs:  Lake Tahoe fireworks are from Elder Group Tahoe Real Estate.  The single "ring around the moon" fireworks (the real moon) is from the Fabulous Lake Tahoe blog, 7/4/12, (the related article above).  The Fabulous Lake Tahoe blog includes fireworks videos, the "About the Fireworks" article, 7/4/12, video runs 5:45 minutes). 

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Anonymous said...

If anyone at brain dead city hall and the brain dead chamber of horrors aka chamber of non commerce had any brain cells they would start Pacifica fireworks. Bring a bunch of people to town.

Oh wait that is what city's that are sucessful do!

Never mind

Anonymous said...

Not so fast. An official Pacifica Fireworks show? Swell. Remember the beach ladies with the fireworks litter at a council meeting? Got council to partition the beach, to start with. If Pacifica hosted a Fireworks Show, they'd show up with dead bodies slung over their shoulders. Don't you dare mess with their beach!