Saturday, April 12, 2014

Terra Nova High School's Basilisks (FC 6002) team is terrific at designing robots

Pacifica Tribune/Terra Nova Robotics and Jane Northrop, 4/1/14.  "Terra Nova named Western US Robot Design Champions."

Team Pacifica has #1 robot design, will travel
to World Championships, needs help funding
"Terra Nova Robotics (FIRST Tech Challenge team 6002, Basilisks) continued their march to their fifth straight appearance at the World Championships by taking the Robot Design Award at the Western US Championships last week. The Western US Super-Regionals is one of the five regional tournaments across the globe that advance to the World Championships, so their Robot Design victory ranks them amongst the favorites to repeat Terra Nova's (all-girl team Antipodes) accomplishment two years ago, becoming FTC Robot Design World Champions.

....  We (FTC 6002-Basilisks) were just named 2014 FTC Western US Robot Design Champions and therefore have advanced to the World Championships in St. Louis, April 23-26.  We need your help to afford this trip on such short notice.  Donations are tax deductible using Terra Nova High School/Jefferson Union HS District's Tax ID 943083772.  We are an after school program based at Terra Nova High School, Pacifica, CA, but we do not receive funding from the school.

....  FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a set of 4 worldwide robotics competition leagues.  We compete at the high school level in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Come see us at our send off reception at Oceana Gallery in Pacifica from 5:30 - 8:00pm on Wednesday, April 16.  There you'll be able to see our award winning robots up close, and we'll have a chance to thank our sponsors in person.   Read article. 

Reference  - Terra Nova Robotics, includes several videos, and a donation site link to GoFundMeFIRST Tech/about.  "The FIRST Tech Challenge is more than a high school robotics program.  It is a community focused on building a better world for tomorrow by engaging high school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). FTC is about teaching students the value of hard work, innovation and creativity.  It goes beyond competition by teaching teenagers the importance of working together, sharing ideas and treating each other with respect and dignity. Is FTC a robotics program? Yes, but it is so much more."   The competition - FTC West Super-Regional Championship, Western US Championship Event – Teen Robotics Competition: March 20-22, 2014 McClellan Conference Center, Sacramento, competing in "the  top 72 teams from throughout the western US..."  Related videos -   Basilisks (FC 6002) at 2013 World Championships Teleop, 2:00 minutes, and Basilisks (FC 6002), robot,"ring-it-up CAD animation," no sound, 2:09 minutes.   

Note photographs:  Robots from FIRST Tech home page, and team Pacifica from the Terra Nova FTC 6002 website. 

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The Local Libertarian said...

This is great. A good school is great for next generations and the side-benefit of ensuring strong property values.

Good going Young Pacificans!
Keep at it and Best to you!