Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy optimistic Easter today!

The Huffington Post/4/6/12.  "21 Amazing Easter Eggs (photos)".

An optimistic tomorrow will be a regular day
with left overs and lots of sunshine
"Coloring and decorating eggs has long been an Easter tradition symbolizing new life and rebirth, but let's be honest: just dipping eggs in pink food coloring is a little boring. Thankfully though, some people have gotten WAY more creative with their egg-decorating designs -- whether they're for a holiday or not.

We found 21 super original and awesome Easter eggs (full of pop culture references) from people who really went above and beyond. ..." 

RelatedThe weather channel/Pacifica, CA. Sunday, April 21, 2014, "Mostly sunny."

Note photographs: bunny from Mint Life; eggs from Huffington Post article/caption (above), #4 of 23.

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You know that the gang of no will be out in force at this meeting. Make sure you attend to counter their anti development mantra.