Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pacifica's roads are "at risk", among the worst in the bay area

This is an older report (6/23/11), discovered in an information search for the "Worst roads San Jose article, 2/24/13. Its doubtful that much has changed, unless Pacifica's ranking is possibly lower.    

From NBC Bay Area news, 6/23/11. "The streets of Millbrae, Pacifica, Woodside and East Palo Alto are the worst in the Bay, according to the  San Francisco Examiner. They're so bad that they need "immediate rehabilitative work" in order to alleviate tooth-jarring bumpy rides for residents, according to a report released Wednesday by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.  

The MTC scored all cities' roads on a 1-to-100 rating. East Palo Alto received the worst rating, a 53. Woodside received a 57, and Pacifica and Millbrae both ranked 59. Those ratings are all shaky enough to brand the roads "at risk."  

Street grades. The MTC compiled data for every Bay Area city to assign its Pavement Condition Index. Based on that score, each municipality fell into one of five categories — Very Good, Good, Fair, At-Risk, and Poor.


City Score
Very Good
Foster City 81
Redwood City 78
Burlingame 77
Daly City 77
San Mateo 73
South San Francisco 73
San Carlos 67
San Francisco 64
San Bruno 63
Millbrae 59
Pacifica 59
Woodside 57
East Palo Alto 53
Source: MTC
Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Gawd, not another stupid contest. Stop it!

Anonymous said...

Well at least we're not the worst. Daym, beat out by EPA and Woodside

Anonymous said...

This is an old report.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if judged today we'd be the worst.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anonymous 2:28 PM, explanation added. This article/report was found in searching for more information for the San Jose worst roads article, 2/24/13.

The report is 1 1/2 years old. Since then conditions may be worse, if Linda Mar Boulevard is any example.

To the City's credit, they filled Linda Mar Boulevard potholes that looked like the two in the article's pictures above. And the potholes were filled in a timely manner. But FMV the city needs more money to fix our city roads. At the same time, the city needs to include the prior county roads that are part of our city.

Anonymous said...

The city used to spend 1 million a year on road maintence. They took this money away and put it into the general fund. Measure A money went into building the Vreeland trail network.

Anonymous said...

Well duh! That's where the sewer taxes went year after year until the state made such shenanigans illegal. Things haven't been the same since then. Ahhhh, the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Some of these potholes are big enough to fall into, particularly if you're out after dark walking the dog or whatever. Keep Fido on leash in case you have to drag him out of a hole.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem?
Frogs, snakes and Plovers don't need smooth roads.

Anonymous said...

There is a sinkhole forming on the South sidewalk and street by Oceana High. There a storm drain and the side walk and street are sunken in and cracked in a 20' circle around it.

Anonymous said...

Un-affordable pensions and salaries pull money from infrastructure repairs, programs for the poor and services for all of us.

Anonymous said...

@818 yeah and then you've got hundreds of thousands of dollars spent each year by council on consultants and studies and surveys. And how about this latest set of plans for Beach Blvd? Well over $300,000 on top of another $350,000 for the previous plans, which, btw included several options. No matter how one feels about development--and I'm for it--this is an outrageous waste of money. Council is just not serious yet. They might as well take the bundle and play the ponies.

Salaries? It's still grab all you can. Prime example? Employees and council are still taking cash-in-lieu of benefits. Lots of cash. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. It was supposed to be stepped-down thru negotiations and any loopholes closed but since council is still stuffing their pockets with it, I doubt much progress has been made with regular employees. Possibly as much as $800,000 per year was being siphoned off as recently as two years ago. Where are we now? Well, payroll has gone up, not down. An employee, including council, can cash out unused or duplicate benefits for up to about $1200 month. It is noticeable when you compare the stated salary for a position with the total earnings stated (W2) on the state controller's report. Council loves their cafeteria cash. About that, they're serious. The city through Ritzma has always been oddly evasive on the subject. Go figure!

Yeah, we waste a lot of money. The above is just the tip of the dirty iceberg. And, now, the city is putting together the team of citizens to con voters into a new tax. What can't you live without? Our own cops? Vote yes. A new library? Vote yes. Pothole repairs? Vote yes. Want to protect Senior Services and the Resource Center? Vote yes. Hey, enviros, how about that plover corral we didn't have money for? You can have it all, just vote yes.

This tax measure will be decided by a simple majority and therefore the money will go into the general fund to be used as council chooses. Restricting the funds for specific uses would require passage by a 2/3 margin and the city knows that's a real longshot. So there's no way to protect this money.
What are the odds they won't waste the money on really bad decisions and pet projects? Oh, about the same odds that I'd vote to give one more cent to these inept fools and charlatans. Zero. And, what are the odds that deep cuts will still be needed? Now that's a sure thing. Bet on it!