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Pacifican Care award for community service, Tuesday, 2/19/13

Pacifica Tribune, 12/12/13. Pacificans Care names Helen James and Pacifica Rotary as 'People who care" award recipients."

"The Board of Directors of Pacificans Care will present its 2012 'People Who Care' Award to long time community volunteer Helen James and the Rotary Club of Pacifica for their outstanding contributions to the community. The People Who Care Award was created by Pacificans Care to recognize individuals, organizations and/or businesses, who through their actions have significantly contributed to making Pacifica a community that cares. The award will be presented at an evening reception at the Community Center on Tuesday, Feb. 19, starting at 7 p.m. Friends of the recipients and members of the community are invited to attend the presentation. Refreshments will be served after the festivities.

Pacificans Care, Pacifica's community foundation, was created in 1982 to provide supplemental support to Pacifica Child Care and Senior Services, the Pacifica Resource Center, a project of the Tides Foundation, and the Pacifica Youth Services Bureau, now affiliated with YMCA. Over the years Pacificans Care has provided more than $580,000 to support the specific needs of these core agencies including senior transportation services, Meals-on-Wheels programs, facility renovations and furnishings, child safety programs, counseling services in schools, field trips for youngsters, and emergency funds for families in need. All the donations collected by Pacificans Care go directly to Pacificans." 

Locals helping locals.. 
And welcome to Pacifica!
Reference Pacificans Care organization,"about".  "Every year since then, Pacificans Care has worked to raise funds and to allocate them to meet specific agency needs, as identified in grant applications, including:
• senior transportation, • meals on-wheels vehicles, • facility renovations and furnishings, • staff supplementation, • child safety programs, • field trips for youngsters, • audiovisual and electronic equipment, • staff funding, • counseling fees, • operating support."   Honored award recipients:  Rotary Club of Pacifica, and Helen James.

Related - Memories of Pacifica, told by Helen James, 7:54 minute video.  They bought their Linda Mar rancher on Washington's birthday, February 22, 1954.

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Anonymous said...

Well deserved honors in Pacifica. Helen James is a great lady and a true Pacifica treasure. Pacifica Rotary Club is turbo-charged. They do more good with a small group of members than many larger Rotary clubs. Congratulations and thank you for decades of good works to Mrs. James and the Rotary Club of Pacifica!