Monday, February 18, 2013

Millbrae working toward economic development

From growth as a bedroom community, Millbrae is investing to develop and balance economic development. 
The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Healther Hurtagh, 2/16/13.  "Millbrae puts focus on economic development."

From the hill
Looking at the bay
"Step one to spurring development and increased revenue: Create a plan. Millbrae is hoping a plan accepted by the City Council Tuesday will be that first step. The Economic Development Plan, put together by Kelly Associate Management Group, outlines what the city currently has, how it could improve and what steps should be taken in both the short and long term. Now staff will create a timeline for completing tasks ahead as well as a budget for achieving the goals.

Mayor Gina Papan explained it's about investing in the city to boost tax income down the road from hotels and retail. There was a little extra in the current budget which could be put toward such an investment, she said.  The report found that Millbrae needs "to embrace programs that entice unique boutique services and retailers. With the [BART/Caltrain station] being a major transportation magnet, the city's goal needs to be to maximize that opportunity."  

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Parks, trails, open space
Specifically, the suggestions focus on the city achieving five goals: retail enhancement, job diversification, business retention and expansion, improved development processing and external communications. In the short term, this will include creating marketing material, enhancing the city's website for economic development, working with hotels to shuttle people to and from downtown, fixing downtown parking issues, supporting more downtown events and encouraging family-owned recreational businesses in town. The goal will include revisiting the city's general plan and using capital improvement funds to assist in key infrastructure projects, according to the report.".    Read article.

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Anonymous said...

Millbrae's finances are far from good, happytalk aside.

Anonymous said...

I bet they have more then 2 weeks payroll In reserves

Anonymous said...

I bet we do, too. Council wants more taxes. That means you can't believe a word they say. We're broke, but the details are a little fuzzy.