Tuesday, February 5, 2013

School safety program in Redwood City

All cities and school districts are probably focused on such emergency safety plans, right?

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Staff, 2/5/13.  "Police unveil new school safety plan."

"Redwood City schools have a new safety plan meant to prevent and react to campus violence in the wake of several recent shootings throughout the county, the city’s police and fire departments announced Monday.

....  The Redwood City Police Department is also focusing on protection of middle and elementary school students — the youngest and most defenseless children, according to the announcement — by reviewing security plans and making recommendations at all school sites, having day shift patrol officers meet with the administrators of each school within their beats to establish good working relationships, conducting walk-throughs of each school to  familiarize themselves with the layout and surrounding areas and, when work permits, stop by each elementary school in their beats at least once during each school day."   Read more.  The article lists some staff, student preparation safety measures, and police coordination.

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