Saturday, February 23, 2013

Goodbye Pete Pereira, we will miss you

Pete Pereira was a good friend in the effort to promote better city government and economic development.  He was also generous in lending his highway 1 lot for many community causes, including informational signs.  

Pete Pereira lived 87 years, died 2/14/13
Pacifica Tribune, 2/19/13.  "Life and times of longtime Pacifica custom home builder, mover Pete Pereira."

"Pete Pereira passed away peacefully Feb. 14, 2013, surrounded by his loving family in his Pacifica home of 58 years.

....  He then went on to develop and build custom homes throughout Pacifica and San Francisco. Pete left his mark on Pacifica and is well known for voicing his opinion on issues dear to his heart and his generous nature. He could often be found enjoying a meal at the Vallemar St ation, whether it be for a quick lunch or a large family gathering, where he would proudly announce "I started all this" as he toasted to his family with his decaf coffee.  ....  He will forever be missed but never forgotten. "  Read article, includes photograph. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a photo of Pete on the front page of the S.F. Chronicle back in his house moving days. He was towing a huge Victorian house from the Children's Hospital expansion over to its new location on Divisadero Street. He made it look effortless although I'm sure it wasn't easy.

Anonymous said...

Pete was one of the good guys, always stuck it to the hippie council that failed Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Pete was a kind man. He was a person that wanted progress and stability for Pacifica. I remembered when he talked on the appeal meeting in side of the Houmam's project and talked Dejarnet that he didn't have no business to stop them from building.

Because he knew that his former sister used own that lot.

Anonymous said...

Pete Pereira was definitely a fair and kind man. Some years ago, he helped a friend of mine who had just built his first house and was having trouble getting a bank to loan on it. Pete didn't think it was right that this young guy had to jump through so many hoops, so he gave the guy a loan until he was able to obtain a regular bank loan. Pete probably made a few bucks in interest, but he went out of his way to make sure my friend could keep his house, when he didn't have to help at all.

Anonymous said...

He was also a very astute businessman.