Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1/2 cent county tax initiative funding came mostly from Seton Hospital

And in our area, we all need Seton Hospital, the medical offices, and the Emergency Room.

Palo Alto Daily News/Bonnie Eslinger, 2/2/13.  "Seton Medical Center and its parent group donated more than $1.5 million to county's sales tax hike campaign."

Seton Medical Center
 Seton Hospital, Daly City
"Campaign finance forms reveal that the parent organization of Seton Medical Center contributed $473,869 to finish bankrolling San Mateo County's campaign for a half-cent sales tax increase measure that voters approved in November.

Seton and its parent organization, Daughters of Charity Health System, donated a combined $1.5 million to the "Coalition to Protect Critical San Mateo County Services for Children, Families and Seniors, Yes on Measure A" committee, post-election finance forms show that accounted for almost 90 percent of the $1,751,283 raised for the campaign.  Most of the rest came from public employee unions. .... Seton hopes to receive a portion of the Measure A funds to help pay for a state-mandated earthquake upgrade.

The tax increase, which starts getting collected on April 1, was approved by 65.4 percent of voters. As a general tax needing only a majority of yes votes, Measure A didn't have to specify how the money would be spent.  The ballot measure did say, however, that the money could go for county parks, emergency services, and children and family programs, as well as for "maintaining seismically safe hospital/emergency rooms which may include substantial funding to replace Seton Hospital/emergency room." The 10-year sales tax is projected to generate $60 million or more annually."  ....  Board President Don Horsley said he believes the county should support Seton because about 40 percent of its Medi-Cal patients get health care there."Read more.

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Anonymous said...

So why are taxpayers monies paying to rebuild Seton Hospital?

Anonymous said...

You got a problem with the Catholics? Nuns? Most hospitals receive tax dollars one way or another.