Monday, January 2, 2017

Recology residential recycling pickup changes, 2017

Nextdoor General/Chris Porter, General Manager Recology of the Coast, 12/30/16, "Recology of the Coast Begins Weekly Recycling January 2nd-2017."

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No rate increase this year
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Full blue cart recycling weekly
"Recology of the Coast will begin weekly recycling pickup Monday, January 2-2017. There will be no increase in garbage rates for calendar year 2017. 

Please have your cart out curbside no later than 6 am. Pickup times will change due to route changes so pickup times can range from 6 am to 4 pm. Do not be alarmed if your cart is picked up at a completely different time then it previously was. 

Please put your cart out ONLY WHEN IT IS FULL and please continue to break down your cardboard boxes. The staff at Recology of the Coast wish you all a happy and healthful New Year!

Reference. Recology of the Coast/Pacifica.   Note blue wrapped present image from Mirror Image blog; red wrapped present image saved by Nichole Galpern on Pinterest.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Save us, Waste Management said...

They've changed the recycling pick up to a weekly basis, but they refuse to replace the enormous bins with smaller ones. When you call they say "Just put them out every other week". So what's the point of even increasing the frequency then?

They also act like they're doing us a favor by not increasing the rates. You're already charging us way more than neighboring communities!

Recology is such a joke. Does anyone know when the city is putting this out to bid again?

Anonymous said...

1218 Really? That's what you got? Back in your bin you go!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for such a compelling contribution to the conversation, 7:02! You bring up some really interesting and very salient points!

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks 910. Just being equal to the occasion.

Recycle Michael said...

You guys and your face Recology Jihad, what's your end game? Rates are low, we have single stream recycle, composting, a recycle yard, and every week pickup. if the blue bin isn't full don't put it out but quit the bitchin. It's annoying for those of use that realize the removal and re-use of a majority of our household waste is done at a reasonable and efficient way and cost.

Anonymous said...

"Rates are low"

LOL, can I get some of whatever you're smoking?

Sharon said...

Regarding the giant bins: When backyard access is difficult they are hard to muscle around for seniors whose families have shrunk and no longer need them and they are to big to fit in garages. Folks have to make a choice to put the bin in the garage or or put the car in the garage. Guess which wins! So now it's common place to see these unsightly bins hanging around in front of homes. Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

I like Recology. I think they do a very good job. I just wish on stormy days the garbage men would pick up the garbage blown out of the bins. They just leave it.

Anonymous said...

Put the car in the garage? On my little Linda Mar street of 18 houses, maybe four households garage at least one of their multiple vehicles. Maybe two garage their garbage bins--and I think they're among the people who garage their cars. And, the cars that are garaged haven't moved in years! Bins move. Thank God for small favors.