Sunday, January 29, 2017

City newsletter, protecting our City

City of Pacifica/Connect with Pacifica/City Manager's Office/Week of 1/23/2017.

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Thankful for our competent,
savvy and efficient City Staff!


"On Wednesday we held a joint press conference with Congresswoman Jackie Speier to announce our success with State grants and with getting U.S. Army Corps of Engineers assistance with repair and mitigation projects.   See press release for more information. 

We also announced today that the demolition of the apartment building located at 310 Esplanade Avenue has been scheduled for Monday, January 30.  See press release for more information.

I'm looking forward to enjoying the sun this weekend while it lasts! I'm sure our Public Works, Police and Fire staff are also thankful for a stretch of sunny days following recent storm fronts. I also appreciate their hard work and long hours in preventing and responding to immediate storm impacts and keeping the community safe."  (Lorie Tinfow, City Manager).  Read more.


Reference, City website.  Linked on the above report, scroll down: City Calendar.  Archives and easy sign-up for weekly emailed Connect reports and City sponsored events, here.    Related, news article, SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle/Sarah Ravani, 1/27/17, "Pacifica granted $3 million for repairing storm damage."   Note photograph by Bella Najja, PinIt/Oddssey/Marywood University/Kaitlyn O'Meara, 11/23/15, "What I am thankful for.."

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