Thursday, January 5, 2017

Things NIMBIES say opposing new development

Many years ago I sat on the planning commission and, yes, we heard these regularly. Usually from the same people on different projects. There must be a handbook out there for opposing things! (Jim Wagner)

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NIMBY handbook, no, no, no-- got it!
Austin on your feet/Dan Keshet, 11/23/15, "9 things people always say at zoning hearings, illustrated by cats."
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Not surprise attack coming.

1.  I'm not opposed to all development. Just this development.
2.  Nobody talked to me!
3.  Reality is, everybody drives a car.  Traffic!
4.  These greedy developers only think about profits.
5.  Let me tell you MY theory of economics.
6.  What this neighborhood really needs is a coffee shop, not more apartments.
7.  I'm 5th generation! My great great grandfather moved here before this was even on the map!
8.  We need to respect the hundreds of hours spend crafting this neighborhood plan.
9.  This housing is too small for me!
Read more detail and view cats.

Submitted by Jim Wagner

Note photographs. Possible cat attack image from Mental Floss/Erin McCarthy, "20 ...facts about.. feline.." Cat viewing the NIMBY handbook image on, "Its a big world out there" from Stumbleupon/rpaulino3's Likes.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Joe Dirt said...

A group of us used to play nimby bingo at planning and council meetings. we had a list very similar to this on bingo-like sheets of paper. Hilarious when someone would say "bingo" and the nimby's would all turn to see what was going on! Ah, memories

Anonymous said...

In a dangerous world full of turmoil and uncertainty, with Putin and Trump locked in their foul embrace, it's comforting that Pacifica never changes. Growthers hawk their vision, the voters puke, and life goes on. Thanks, Pacifica!

Anonymous said...

What could you possibly be celebrating? The NOBY's pulled off a coordinated voter suppression stunt to install their illegitament candidate, Deirdre Martin, so they can continue to ravage our city with their extreme faux-enviro ideologies.
The country was fucked by Trump.
Pacifica was fucked by the NOBY's.
Not my president.
Not my council person.

Anonymous said...

And NIMBYs hawk their lack of vision. Thanks, NIMBYs.

We want to stay broke, dirty, and dusty said...

The first battle cry of the Nimbys:


The one used for the assisted living senior center behind Park Mall. We really like the idea and project but just not for that specific location.

The Nimbys, Noobees, and "Gang of No" also said that about Below Market Housing in the empty lot in front of Saint Peters Church. Roberts Road and Oddstad.

Anonymous said...

And so it goes. Serial poster. Some things never change. Just like Pacifica. Comforting.

Mike Hicks said...

Anonymous, why do you not attach your name to your comments?