Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tracking dictator Trump, first week not including today

Mother Jones/Inae Oh, 1/27/17, includes a 3:53 minute Meet the Press/Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the Dictator President video. "Here's what week one in Trump's America looked like. Executive orders, Twitter meltdowns, and bald-faced lies."

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Yep, Time for chaos president
"Devil Horns" to get caged, or leave.
"Friday marks the end of President Donald Trump's first week in office. In just that short time, the new commander in chief and his administration have managed to produce an extraordinary amount of alarm in the United States and abroad. 
Friday, Obamacare repeal.
Saturday, push to silence critics (first of several leaks within his inner circle).
Sunday, "alternative facts."
Monday, abortion funding ban; China escalation; obsession with nonexistent voter fraud.
Tuesday, pipeline return; Environmental Protection Agency freeze.
Wednesday, US-Mexican border wall; expected halting refugees and immigration; expected reduced United Nations funding.
Thursday, intentions to relocate US Embassy to Jerusalem; Senior State Department exodus."

Note photo/graphic. PetaPixel/Michael Zhang, 12/8/16, "TIME: Trump's 'Devil Horns' in Cover Photo Was 'Totally Coincidental'." .... "After seeing the cover design, people immediately began to point out that the “M” in the TIME logo appears to form horns on Trump’s head."

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for Trump!

Funny thing: Trump would support developing the Quarry and the old sewer plant, widening Highway 1 and many of the other projects Kathy and so-called "Fix Pacifica" support. As far as a library goes, he probably would have picked up the tab himself. Obama/Hillary, on the other hand, would have had the same old excuses why everything is a big "NO". They would have supported the failed bio-diesel plant and raising city employee wages and benefits and all of the conservative bashing on FP, however. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Trump is getting ready to carpet bomb terrorists and knows there will be potential US threats.

Anonymous said...

Of course you meant to say, " There will be US casualties".

Anonymous said...

US casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan & terrorist attacks world will continue until a final solution is implemented.

Anonymous said...