Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New laws made friendly, California

Image result for talking on a cell phone driving picture
Image result for talking on a cell phone driving picture
I've got this covered
Los Angeles Times/Patrick McGreevy, 12/29/16.  "How will California's newest laws affect...."

Organized in separate categories. "My job.  My Commute. My bills. Crime and punishment. My guns. My personal life. My healthcare. Pets and other animals. The government." 

Related articles.  SF Gate/Katie Dowd, 1/2/17 (a 24 image/text slide show), "From Uber to Orcas: New California laws going into effect in 2017." "In the state of the California, 2017 brings with it some 900 new laws. Most won't affect your day-to-day life, but quite a few mark sweeping changes for all residents."  Articles and in depth discussion on some laws. Capital Public Radio, "New California Laws 2017." 

ReferenceCA Legislative Information, "New Laws Report 2016-2010." Note: the 2016 link directs to the new 1/1/17 laws, pdf pages 60. Good luck!

Note photograph image from Wise Geek website, "What Factors Affect Attention While Driving?" Sign from McGuire's Law weblog, archive 12/2006.

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