Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Esplanade Avenue apartment building demolished

ABC 7 News, KGO TV/Lyanne Melendez, 1/30/16. "Crews demolish condemned Pacifica apartment complex." 

Crews are seen demolishing a condemned 20-unit apartment building in Pacifica, Calif. on Monday, January 30, 2017.
  Torn down 1/30/17
An apartment building at risk of falling off a cliff due to coastal erosion is demolished in Pacifica, California on January 30, 2017. Photo: JOSH EDELSON, JOSH EDELSON / SAN FRANCISCO CHR
..... "After years of worrying about the safety of residents living on a crumbling bluff, the last building at 310 Esplanade Avenue was demolished. Years of storms and king tides contributed to the erosion of the cliff.

.... Crews carefully dealt with the unstable structure and bluff to avoid any pieces falling below. It was the last of three buildings on Esplanade Avenue that had started collapsing due to the continued bluff erosion. .... The city helped residents relocate earlier this year. Taxpayers will be left paying for the cost of the demolition, which is about $330,000.
.... Hazmat crews had already removed the lead and asbestos from its interior, but the air quality was still being monitored for any dangerous particles. "In terms of those materials being unsafe, they have been already taken away. As a precaution, we added that as a precautionary measure," director of public works Van Ocampo said. Pacifica will now get an influx of federal grants to help shore up the bluff and secure the road."  Read more, includes video 2:41 minutes.    Note photograph from the article video.

Related article. SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle/Sarah Ravani, 1/30/17, "Demolition of building on eroding Pacifica cliff begins.".... Construction crews worked over the past two weeks to remove hazardous materials from the structure, including asbestos. The demolition and clean-up is expected to take until the end of the week, said Scott Helf, a project manager with SV Demolition Inc., the San Jose company the city is paying $218,650 to raze the building.     Note photographs. Crunch by Josh Edelson/SF Chronicle from the related article. Torn Down face to the video from ABC 7.  

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