Friday, May 29, 2015

San Mateo County Harbor Board Commission reorganizes

Sabrina Brennan stays on Harbor Board, but steps down as President.

Half Moon Bay Review/Ester Hahn, 5/27/15. "Brennan resigns presidency of Harbor Commission."

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It's me, I'm here...
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.... "San Mateo County Harbor Commission President Sabrina Brennan decided to pass the gavel to fellow Commissioner Tom Mattusch on Tuesday. The move came just before the Commission planned to wrest the presidency from her. 

....  Before the board voted to confirm Mattusch’s new post, Bernardo and Commissioners Nicole David and Pietro Parravano voiced their opinions. The three were in agreement that Brennan had disrupted the board’s efficacy from her allegedly offensive manner, most recently aimed toward Interim General Manager Glenn Lazof, according to memos from Lazof.
“It’s not just between Sabrina and Lazof,” David said. She claimed that Brennan had harassed her in the past, as well.

“There’s a disturbing pattern of behavior,” Bernardo added, blaming Brennan for the recent rise in tension from the surf event organizers. “Truly, enough is enough.” .... The harbor board passed the motion to make Mattusch the new president in a 5-0 vote. David was voted the new vice president."  Read article.

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Related article, one week prior Half Moon Bay Review/Clay Lambert, 5/21/15, "Harbor commissioners seek to remove Brennan from presidency."

....  "Brennan has feuded with the district’s professional staff, including former General Manager Peter Grenell. Harbor Director of Finance Debra Galarza has a pending civil complaint against her, and last week, only days after taking office, interim General Manager Glenn Lazof issued a pair of damning memos telling staff to steer clear of Brennan and that the commissioner was a threat to his health. He said she told him that she promised to “make your life a living hell.”

“Enough is enough,” Bernardo said on Thursday. “President Brennan is a walking lawsuit.” He went on to call relations with Brennan a “disaster” and a “fiasco.”
The only business listed on Tuesday’s meeting (5/27/15) is “reorganization of Harbor Commission: Selection of Officers.” Bernardo said commissioners have been working with the Harbor District attorney “every step of the way” and plan to strip Brennan of her presidency. The president’s role is largely ceremonial. All commissioners get one vote, though the president typically leads the meetings and sometimes has more interaction with the audience."

Reference, San Mateo County Harbor District:  The Board,  The District.  Background.  News/Press Releases.

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Model alien said...

I hope that Sabrina will speak out with her side of these stories

Anonymous said...

I don't know her, but her list of enemies is a solid character reference.

Steve Sinai said...

She was the candidate of the "We are at one with the earth" hippie crowd.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, a hippie chick would make their fat heads explode.

Anonymous said...

Every city has better looking hippies, than Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

1026 Of course Pathetica would get the ugly, smart ones.

Anonymous said...

Half the elected and appointed officials in San Mateo County are walking lawsuits and many have been repeatedly sued.

That's never been a big enough reason to remove them.

Anonymous said...

No enemies? No character.