Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stalemate in solving existing Coastside water shortage

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Maybe it is "rocket science" to affect
Government and Agencies moving forward.
Half Moon Bay Review/Esther Hahn, 5/21/15. "Recycled water remains pipe dream. Local water agencies agree to work together, again."

"It’s been a decade since Half Moon Bay voters overwhelmingly approved a measure supporting recycled water and now the state is locked in record-breaking drought. Yet Coastside agencies responsible for bringing recycled water to the area remain in the early planning stages.

In 2005, a city ballot measure recorded the local electorate’s 84 percent approval rating for a cooperative local approach to recycling water. But water managers and directors of wastewater treatment provider Sewer Authority Mid-coastside have only recently committed to work together.

Last October, officials with SAM and the Coastside County Water District sounded as though they had worked out their jurisdictional issues in regard to production and distribution of recycled water. They signed a letter of intent and guiding principles in January. “This is clearly a doable thing,” said Allan Alifano, the former Half Moon Bay City Councilman and former vice chair of the SAM board of directors. “This is not new. It’s not rocket science. If we’re truly committed, we can make it happen,” he said last year near the end of his term.   Read article.

Note photograph from Bill Whittle Dot.Com, the common sense resistance year two.

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