Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another example of extremism, vs. logic, reason, moderation, progress

The Times of India/Chidanand Rajghatta, 5/10/15.  "US wingnuts believe Obama will 'invade' Texas."

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30+ years of Pacifica NIMBY dictate is different?
"WASHINGTON: The Obama administration plans to invade Texas, Utah, and five other conservative leaning states in the American heartland and impose Martial Law on the region. That's the latest conspiracy theory raging across right wing forums on social media and beyond in an eco-system where paranoia is a favorite pastime. The rumor mill has been grinding so vigorously that officials in Washington, going up to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, have been forced to address the issue and dispel the wild speculation.

It all began with the Pentagon planning a military exercise dubbed "Jade Helm 15" in seven heartland states, some of them Republican bastions. As part of the exercise, two of the states were designated "hostile" territory. That was spark enough for some conspiracy theorists, including websites peddling paranoia, to drum up fears of an imminent federal invasion, particularly in Texas, whose status as an independent republic before it was absorbed into the United States in 1845 makes it a fertile ground for anti-unionist holdouts.

....  Wingnut paranoia was also fueled in part by some politicking from conservative Republican leadership. ....  Defense Secretary Ash Carter acknowledged on Thursday that the controversy had reached his office, and when asked whether the US military was planning to take over Texas, he smiled, and said "No."  Read more.

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Anonymous said...

chamber membership has no value other than social events. No chamber speaker at last night's council meeting.. One might now assume chamber has no interest in gen plan which is city's 20 year economic blueprint.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Conlon shows up every 4th council meeting or so to tell all 10 people watching what a fantastic social event the chamber will be throwing next week.

And it's true: the only other time you'll see chamber board members at a council meeting is when Highway 1 is on the agenda. No wonder they've kicked those clowns out and Conlon's bailing to Sonoma.

Anonymous said...

Different visions of what a CofC should be. Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Actually they were sent to invade Pacifica but they got stuck in traffic on Highway 1.

The amphibious landing was cancelled due to the decomposing whales on the beach.