Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sonoma County whale washes ashore

The Press Democrat/Clark Mason, 5/23/15. "Dead whale washes up at Portuguese Beach in Sonoma County."

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Gray whale dinner for scavenger shorebirds
A dead, juvenile gray whale washed up on the Sonoma Coast this weekend at Portuguese Beach. The 28-foot whale appeared to have been dead for some time and was in a state of obvious decomposition, according to California State Parks Ranger Damien Jones.

....  Jones said State Parks did not plan to remove the whale from the beach, which is about halfway between Jenner and Bodega Bay. He said the tide could carry it out to sea again.“Generally we leave dead and sick animals where they are and let nature take its course,” he said.

May is the tail end of the gray whale northern migration from their breeding and birthing lagoons in Mexico back to their feeding grounds in Alaska. Although thousands of whales make the approximate 5,000-mile journey, including the newborn calves and their mothers, some of the cetaceans, especially juveniles, are believed to stay closer year-round to a more confined area.
There has been a series of dead whales washing up on Northern California beaches over the past five weeks.  Read article.

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Gray whale migration destination, Alaska  
Related articles - The Daily Journal/Bay City News Service, 5/26/16. "Another whale washes ashore, one of several in recent months." "A volunteer from the Marine Mammal Center took a tissue sample from the whale on Sunday, according to spokeswoman Yvette Koth. .. .. The dead whale washed ashore at Portuguese Beach in Sonoma County Sunday, a state park ranger said Monday. ....  State parks officials do not have plans to remove the whale carcass from the beach, Stinson said. Tech Times/Ted Ranosa, 5/25/15, Dead gray whale found washed up on Portuguese Beach." "Damien Jones, a ranger from the California State Parks, said the whale carcass does not show any injuries caused by trauma such as being hit by a ship. A tissue sample was sent to the Marine Mammal Center to further investigate what could have killed the animal. The Times Gazette/Sumitha Mani, 5/25/15. "Seventh dead whale washes ashore in 2015 on Sonoma County Beach." This one is number seven. The seventh dead whale this year washed ashore on a beach in the California bay area." 

Photograph of the dead whale from KRON4 News/Ana Verayo, l2/26/15. Gray whale jumping by Tom Brakefield/Getty Images, from USA Today/Travel/Seattle.

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