Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spindrift School of Arts gets more space, a make do

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 4/28/15.  "Planning Commissioners  approve SSPA's Expansion."

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Baa, more arts, less open space
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Excellence in performance is a specialty in this City
"The Spindrift School of Performing Arts, sharing space with Pacifica Spindrift Players at the city-owned Oddstad Park on Crespi Drive told Pacifica Planning Commissioners the school needs a place to call its own.  

On Monday, April 20, the commissioners unanimously approved SSPA's request to demolish an outdoor restroom building and install nine trailers to create a 6,630-square-foot classroom building to conduct theater, music and dance classes and to build a 100-seat theater for recitals and shows. The new classrooms will be divided into five music rooms, one dance studio and one office, said Noelle DeWeese, SSPA director. 

The commissioners conditioned their approval on working out performance and recital schedules between the two groups. Several PSP board members spoke out against the SSPA proposal saying it will cause traffic and parking problems and urged SSPA to use the already existing 100-seat theater in the building they now share."   Read article.

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Spindrift School of Performing Arts
Reference - Spindrift School of Performing Arts/from about.  "As Pacifica’s only non-profit performing arts school, SSPA has grown into a vibrant community organization. We provide high quality performing arts experiences & training in shows, classes, private lessons and summer camps year-round to well over 3000 students each year, including our in-school programs.  .... The SPINDRIFT SCHOOL of PERFORMING ARTS was established in 1994 by Pacifica residents and musicians Martha Phillips-Bootzin & Alexander Bootzin. ...."   

Related - Pacifica Spindrift Players/from about.  "The Mission of the Pacifica Spindrift Players (PSP) is to present high quality theatre to Pacifica and its surrounding communities. We offer revivals of traditional plays and musicals, as well as contemporary theatre for the 21st century. PSP also provides opportunities for adults and young people to learn the art of live theatre by creating a living classroom through the play production experience. ...." 

Note Spindrift School of Performing Arts photographs. Sheep kids from Spindrift Summer Camp, Bay Area Parent/Kids Camps. "Over the Rainbow" with Toto (dog) from the Spindrift reference (above). "Once upon a Time" by Kasey Spickard (review) from Facebook/Spindrift School of Performing Arts. 

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's going with this project? There's no sign of any work being done in the park... Is this still going to happen?

Anonymous said...

The defunct bathroom has been demolished and the picnic tables have been removed. Also noticed that the basketball net has been taken down. Looks like work is progressing slowly.

Interesting note from the new Pacifica General Plan(excerpt):

Emphasize Park Maintenance and Improvements. Enhance existing parks
to improve the quality and usability of Pacifica’s park land, and make improvements
such that park facilities are equitably distributed throughout Pacifica.

In particular:
• Improve existing sports fields in partnership
with local non-profit youth and adult athletic groups;
• Add playgrounds or expand play areas
at Fairway, Imperial, and Oddstad parks;
• Convert parking area to park space at
Oddstad, and make improvements at the park’s entrance.

Anonymous said...

Well, the trailers are in but the entrance walkways are not yet in. I don't know if it's gotten final inspection for occupancy yet. I haven't see any activity in the building. Also, the basketball net in the lower parking lot has been replaced! Yay! Just in time for March Madness.